October 5, 2022

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Jan Van Biesen Interrupted as Head of Network Studio Brussel |  showbiz

Jan Van Biesen Interrupted as Head of Network Studio Brussel | showbiz

radioJan van Bessen (47) is no longer the head of the network at Radio Studio Brussels. Our editors confirmed that Stephen Lemmens will succeed him. He is already the head of MNM and therefore will combine the two channels. Van Bessen remains in charge of the station’s digital channel “De Tijdloze”.

Van Biesen started in 2007 as Head of Network at Studio Brussel and has helped make the channel great, among other things by focusing on works like ‘Music For Life’ and later ‘Warmer Week’. It gave strong voices like Cesca Shooters and Lind Merkpool the opportunity to grow. But recently, the golden mixture has begun to erode. For example, the latest listening characters sounded really bad. The network barely achieved a market share of 6.76% last spring, its lowest reach in years. Big difference with the numbers a few years ago. In winter 2018, for example, StuBru was the second largest channel in the country with 11.84%.

“Time flies by when you always strive for it with complete conviction and then have a great time too,” says van Bessen, who will now focus on digital radio channel De timeloze. “Being at the helm of Studio Brussel for 15 years has been a naughty boy’s dream. It has been an amazing period in which I had the privilege of working closely with so many people inside and outside the organization and taking on radio heaven with a team of talent. I will cherish the many accomplishments and those happy moments forever. With the words “Yes we did”, but after so many intense years, I now basically have the personal need and professional desire to take a new turn. In these challenging and exciting times in the media, it is urgent once again to start using Radio De Tijdloze and make the necessary choices for the future of our audio channels digital. As VRT’s ambitious plan to spoil listeners with more digital, diverse and high-quality audio offerings starting in September, the music sounds like music to my ears.”

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Stephen Lemmens must now provide a breath of fresh air. The radio maker currently heads the network at MNM and now combines this function with the same position at StuBru. Lemmens previously worked at Studio Brussel for fifteen years and made the year-end roster “De Tijdloze” for years. “MNM and Studio Brussel are two great channels with a unique identity and their own audience,” he says. “We will continue to serve this audience as best we can on radio. We are now taking major steps digitally to create new and amazing shows, both in audio and video, for a targeted group of young people.”