January 31, 2023

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Jan Verhein and Lianne Willart first novel by Nicci French together |  Movie

Jan Verhein and Lianne Willart first novel by Nicci French together | Movie

The Memory Game will be a Flemish-Dutch film based on the first Nixie French novel from 1996. The story takes place in the Diederer family’s country house. There the body of Natalie, the 16-year-old daughter who had been missing for 25 years, was found. The shocking discovery of the body puts an end to the family’s years of insecurity. But on the other hand, it also reveals a long-hidden crime. With the emergence of family secrets, the past overshadows the present and nothing will remain the same.

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Directors can count on a famous Flemish band. With Louis Taleb, Gary Winkelmans, Vic de Wachter, Gilda de Ball, Lynne Van Roen and Peter Thyssen in the lead roles. But lead Dutch actress Anna Drever – better known as “Undercover” – will also join the cast. She has already said that she is really looking forward to the project: “I love the genre myself and with Nicci French as a basis, you know that the plot is complex and well layered. You keep on baffling as the viewer. But for my character, Eva, it is also a difficult puzzle: “What is it? Really happened to her childhood friend? What did she really see? “

Filming of “The Memory Game” has begun in Valkenburg and the film is expected to be shown in cinemas next year.

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