April 16, 2024

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Jan Verheyen and Lien Willaert co-directed 'Red Sandra': 'But there can only be one captain on a ship' |  Movie

Jan Verheyen and Lien Willaert co-directed ‘Red Sandra’: ‘But there can only be one captain on a ship’ | Movie

MovieJan Verheyen (58) has already directed more than a dozen films on his own, but for “Red Sandra” he formed a team with his wife Lien Willaert (45). It’s quite a challenge, but it was appreciated. “It’s important to make good agreements,” the couple told Heath Neusblad.

Red Sandra tells the true story of William (Sven De Ridder) and Olga Massart (Darya Gantura), who are suddenly told that their daughter (Rosalie Charles) has a rare muscle disease. However, William refuses to give up hope and fights with the pharmaceutical industry to find a solution. William Massart’s story convinced both Jan and Lane. “When I got home after a very intense conversation with William, I told Leanne that I had seen a movie that was really his story,” Jan Verhein says. Lianne herself was equally excited and in the end it was Verheen’s wife who started working on the script.

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Little by little Red Sandra formed, but Yan Wulin’s path was not without obstacles. Each of them had their own style on the set, which eventually caused a great deal of confusion. “Then it became clear that we had to make good agreements,” said the couple on Nieuwsblad. In the end, only one person could have the last word and on the set of “Red Sandra” was Jan Verheyen. The director explains that “there can only be one captain on board.”

A decision that his wife Lian agreed to – except for a few moments. In addition, the couple did not experience any shocks due to their cooperation. In their interview with Het Nieuwsblad, the couple said they plan to work together in the future. “We’ll be shooting another movie, but we can’t decide which movie yet.”

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