November 29, 2022

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Jani Kazaltzis puts body issues in her place on Instagram: "I'm a little grown up and a little bit fat, so what?"

Jani Kazaltzis puts body issues in her place on Instagram: “I’m a little grown up and a little bit fat, so what?”

Designer and host Jani Kazaltzis, 43, is clearly tired of the abusive comments on Instagram and private messages he’s been receiving lately. Buddy Schmers has repeatedly stated how “tired” he looks, wondering if his face had been corrected because his “eyes look so weird” and claimed he looked “inflated with a bicycle pump”. Jani writes, among other things, of his story: “I feel very happy at this point in my life, even if it is just a few more kilos.”

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Jani Kazaltzis can be viewed weekly as an introduction to blind bought He received with Otto Jan Hamm eight well-known Flemish people on the Greek island of Sifnos in Viva La Vita. But there is clearly also another side to the Limburger medal, which has Greek roots. He posted it on his Instagram story. “Dear people, especially mean people,” Janie begins. “I’ve grown a little bit older and gotten a little thicker… So what?”

After that, Kazaltzis immediately destroyed the rumors that he had plastic surgery. “Just to be clear, nothing was ever sprayed and I won’t lie about this either. If that is the case, it is still my full right.” The presenter continues. “I feel so happy at this point in my life, even if it’s just with a few extra pounds. And yes, like everyone else, I sometimes have a tired, puffy face.”

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Screenshots that follow Janie’s message immediately show what kind of comments the designer is weighing. “Jani’s eyes have been looking very strange in recent weeks. Is this to look younger? Please don’t do that, it’s horrible, you look so tired,” one of the comments on his Instagram post. “Yes, there is something about it and I don’t see what at once! But it is definitely not better,” one replies. One follower continues: “He has a very swollen jaw and looks a bit swollen.”

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And it’s not just comments on his photos. Some go one step further and send a private message to Kazaltzis about his appearance. “Sorry Janie, but you looked really tired Blindly bought.The message ‘Did you blow up a bike pump? divine … You’re still yourself… We are all getting older,” concludes The Crown. Through his Instagram story, Jani lets these followers know that was enough.

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