September 24, 2022

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Janie (literally) ground and scissors Jan Verhein: De...

Janie (literally) ground and scissors Jan Verhein: De…

Eric Van Looy seems to know Jan Verhein likes to sleep on his side, and Janie shows how Sarah takes a nap with one leg folded over her stomach.

Last night’s winner:

On his third participation in smartest person Jan Verheen immediately wins.


Sarah Muhamo knows very little about Sean Connery and loses to Lisbeth Embo.

Tonight’s newcomer:

Actor Tom Vermeer.

Best quotes:

Eric Van Lowe: “Can Jan Verhein call you to play in a movie, Sarah?”

Jan Verheyen: “Or would you rather Eric?”

Sarah Mohamed: In fact, I prefer Adel Al-Arabi.


Van Lowe: “Lisbeth, what do you expect from Jan Verhein?”

Lisbeth Embo: “We were friends until I spent half a day of my life on his movie Sandra Red And he cut the scenes.”


Van Lowe: “The percussion instrument is the heaviest musical instrument in existence.”

Margaret Hermans: “Just all those hours.”

Jani Kazaltzis: “Yeah, but you shouldn’t be wearing it, right?”


Hermans: “I don’t like honey.”

Van Lowe: “Nor do I, that always has such a taste.”

The most beautiful moment:

Sarah Mohammed sleeps on her stomach, she says. “With one leg folded. With my short skirt I can’t prove it now.” Then Jani Kazaltzis lies on the floor and it shows.

Van Lowe: “Lisbeth, I can’t go on without asking you if you sleep on your stomach.”

Lisbeth Embo: “Don’t you remember, Eric?”



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