December 4, 2022

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Janine Bishops breaks down after Nicole's death: 'I've been crying for an hour. She was my best friend'

Janine Bishops breaks down after Nicole’s death: ‘I’ve been crying for an hour. She was my best friend’

Janine Bishops looks broken. “I have been crying for an hour. Nicole has been my best friend. For fifty years. No one can make me laugh as hard as I did. And vice versa.”

Paul Demeier

“In a restaurant they once asked us not to eat there anymore because we were too noisy,” says Janine Bishops, 80. “It was in Blankenberge in the summer of 1984. I played Nicole and Hugo in the White Horse play. In the afternoon we always went to dinner together. As usual, Nicole couldn’t resist the excitement. Then she slashed chips from my plate, and I’d steal a piece of The meat from them, and of course Hugo couldn’t stay back. At the end we laughed out loud. At the end they kindly asked us to find another restaurant.”

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Janine Bishops doesn’t detract from it: “Nicole was my best friend. It’s hard sometimes to pinpoint the cause of the friendship. But maybe it was our not so shy way of interacting. Saying things as they are, with a little extra stuff. I still remember the TV series Like me In which she played the love of Hugo. But at first he didn’t want to participate because Nicole wasn’t around. The manager asked me if I couldn’t bring Hugo. She initially made a list of the most rude accusations and annoyed her as soon as Nicole and Hugo answered the phone. Now we can’t refuse anymoreThen they said.”

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Hugo played alone in Like me But Nicole was on every photoshoot. Just like they go to every performance The ghost of the operetta He went to the Elckerlyc Theater in Antwerp to find out where Hugo played one of the main roles. “Sunday again,” says Janine Bishops. “I was sitting next to her and every time Hugo came, she would squeeze my hand.”

Stay positive. Always stay positive and smile. This is the most important lesson Janine learned from Nicole. “Even as I got sicker, Nicole stayed positive.”

When Nicole and Hugo renewed their wedding vows on a US cruise in 2011, they asked Janine as a witness. “Now Hugo has fallen alone. We’ll have to take good care of him. Normally I’d drive him now. But lately I’ve been feeling a bit dizzy – I’m 80,” says Janine.