July 21, 2024

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Jasper Philipsen declassified after Wout van Aart row: ‘This hits hard’

Jasper Philipsen declassified after Wout van Aart row: ‘This hits hard’

Jasper Philipsen was declassified after his manoeuvre with Wout van Aert on stage 6 of the Tour. Our compatriot therefore lost second place in today’s results and did a particularly bad job for the Green. “I don’t think it was a manoeuvre that justifies 100% declassification,” says sporting director Christophe Roodehoft.

There is no second place for Jasper Philipsen in Dijon. He went to the right and Wout van Aert almost touched the boards and his race was over. Philipsen dropped from 2nd to 107th in today’s results.

Was there an understanding of the jury’s decision at the Albessen-Deceuninck camp?

“It is very clear that the ascent is not straight and that Wout is falling back when he returns to the road,” began sporting director Christophe Rodhoudt.

“I don’t think it was a maneuver that justified 100 percent declassification. There’s something to be said for both sides.”

This hits hard. Declassification is a very special thing.

Christoph Rudhoeft (team captain Albicine Desoninck)

It’s really a minor disaster for the Green Shirt. “We were so close to him before the declassification, and now he’s suddenly so far away again. It’s out of our hands.”

“This is a tough one. Yesterday there was a healthy disappointment about the race that was narrowly lost. Declassifying it is a very special thing.”

Van Aert was clear in his reaction immediately after the race. “I assume that the UCI will not be affected by the words or reprimands of others,” said Ruudhoeft.


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