December 9, 2022

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Jay Hindley fulfills his pink dream in Giro, strong Sobrero wins trial last time |  Giro d'Italia 2022

Jay Hindley fulfills his pink dream in Giro, strong Sobrero wins trial last time | Giro d’Italia 2022

Giro d’Italia: Stage 21

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your location 2 pm: Verona 5.10 pm: Verona



Jay Hindley is the first Australian to win a Giro. The Australian got a big bonus for the last test in Verona and was never in danger again. Carapaz and Linda are allowed to take the final podium. The victory on the last day was impressive Mathieu Sobrero.

There was not much tension in the last trial in Verona. Carapaz needed a miracle to get the pink jersey back, but that never happened. Hindley at the time of the trial established himself on par with the Ecuadorean and thus crowns himself as a deserving winner of this Giro.

Hindley only dares to chant behind the line:

It was a long wait for the first time target. The road surface was still very wet at the time of the first departure, so most riders avoided the hazards. Magnus Cort Nielsen was one of the few who showed no fear and had a good time.

In the end, it was not enough for a stage victory, as it turned out when Matteo Sobrero started his mission. The Italian champion broke the time of Kurt Nielsen. 22 minutes and 24 seconds was the new time to win.

The Dutch bite their teeth

Van der Poel, who had expressed his ambitions for the trial this time in advance, did well, but in the end he came up short. Only Thymen Arensman got close to Sobrero, but he also bit his teeth.

Ranking men also couldn’t interfere in the victory stage battle. The last time trial eventually caused quite a few shifts in the top ten. Only Carthy was able to climb to one place at the expense of Lopez.

The stage remains the same. Landa and Carapaz have done everything they can, but in the end they have to admit their superiority to the victor Guy Hindley.

Superro Arrival:

Matteo Sobrero: “I received a lot of advice and support from Ganna”

“It’s a great feeling to win here,” said award winner Matteo Sobrero today. “It still has to leak. We won with our team on the first day and now also on the last day, and they both tried time. The hard work is reflected in the winter now.”

“I actually drew a virtual finish line on the climbs. I knew I had to give it all up until then and not collapse on descent to the end. Filippo Gana is a close friend (and son-in-law, Ed.), he gave me a lot of advice and support.”

Carabaz also rode a decent time trial:

Arensman is 23 seconds short on the victory stage:

  1. 5 p.m. 12. Enter the plaza on a pink bike. Especially for the occasion, the mechanic prepared a pink bike for Hindley. With that, he enters the arena victorious. †
  2. 5 pm 10. Hindley wins the Giro. He had no problems during this time period. Jay Hindley is the first Australian to win the 2022 Giro. He doesn’t even dare to cheer before crossing the line. †
  3. 5 p.m. 10. Mile to Hindley. It is a victory for the Australian. †
  4. 5 p.m. 08. Carapaz is the 10th. The runner-up has arrived at this Giro. Richard Karabaz fought for what he deserved. The tenth rank at the time of the trial is the verdict. †
  5. 5:00 p.m. Carapaz Coming soon now. The Ecuadorean could look back on a good experience in the final time, but would fail to achieve the overall victory. Anyway, hats off, Richard! †
  6. 5 p.m. 06. Landa has arrived. Landa proves once again that trying time is not his specialty. Fortunately, its offer on the dart is large enough. The Spaniard is 74th, but will soon climb to the last podium. †
  7. 5 p.m. The Superro wins the stage. Now that everyone has passed the intermediate point, we’re sure: Matteo Sobrero scores the biggest win of his career and this time wins the trial. & nbsp; †
  8. Five in the evening 04. Nibali IV. Nabali managed to recover in the second part. He finished well and finished fourth. So it looks like the top five are fixed. †
  9. Hindley is the counterpart of Karabaz. Hindley is also strong on the road. He loses only one second to Karapaz at the intermediate point. Without bad luck, he won the Giro 2022.. 17 hours 02.
  10. 17 hours 01. Karabaz X at the intermediate point. Karabaz is fine. puts the tenth prong. We wait to see what Hindley does. †
  11. 17 hours. Bilbao definitely tops the fifth list. Bilbao managed to keep Hurt behind. Can he still overtake Nbali for 4th place? †
  12. 16h 59. Carapaz climbs well. At low resistance, it wanders toward the timer. †
  13. 4 p.m. 58. Landa also lost a lot of time at the intermediate point. It is only 88 minutes away from Sobrero. †
  14. 16 hours 56. The default time difference between Carapaz and Hindley is a paltry 4 seconds in favor of the Ecuadorean. So things are looking good for Hindley at the moment. †
  15. 4 pm 55. Nebula is not good. Al-Nabali in a weak time trial. In the middle stage, he’s already lost 38″ to Bilbao. Does he still have to fear for fourth?
  16. 4 p.m. 53. Hindley at the bottom of the climb. The average times for the two seasons will make us wiser. †
  17. At 16:50 Karabaz is cheered loudly. We also saw pictures of excited Ecuadorean fans in the Verona Arena. They still believe in it. †
  18. 4 pm 49. Lopez loses ninth place to Carthy. He lost more than half a minute to the Briton. & nbsp; Lopez can look back on a very cute gyro. The Spaniard rode the pink jersey for a long time and eventually won the white youth jersey. †
  19. It’s four 48. There’s the pink shirt. Another rider started too: Jay Hindley left. At the age of 26, he could make history by becoming the first Australian Giro winner. †
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