December 9, 2022

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Jazz and Dean are shameful "layers of towels" at the hotel.  "If you don't, you have to sit on the floor" |  Nina

Jazz and Dean are shameful “layers of towels” at the hotel. “If you don’t, you have to sit on the floor” | Nina

The peak season of lazy pool holidays has arrived. Anyone staying in a hotel is familiar with the phenomenon of so-called “layering of towels”. When the sun comes up, Jazz (18) and Dean (27) are already ready with their towels ready to “reserve” the best sun loungers. The “luxury seats” under the canopy immediately disappeared. This gives some pressure.” But their efforts are sometimes in vain: some hotels are now taking action against them.

A nice lazy vacation can do some good. Heading toward the pool with a good book doing nothing all day, Naim. But your dream can be shattered once it becomes clear that all the seats are “reserved”. After all, in almost every hotel you will have to deal with the notorious “layers of towels”.

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Jazz (18) “Towel Layer” was born

“Reserving my pool seat early in the morning is part of my vacation,” Jazz says. “I’ve been doing it since I was a kid. So you could say it’s a family trait.”


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“On the first day of my vacation, I usually check for good places in the pool. The next day I set my alarm and tried to get those seats. I usually get up around eight, which isn’t too bad, is it.”


Nobody really laughs at me about it. All my friends do, although not everyone is willing to admit it.


“Sometimes you’re forced to do it,” Jazz says. “I am now on holiday in Croatia. We arrived at our hotel at noon the first day and it quickly became clear that we would be allowed to set the alarm for the next morning. All the chairs in the pool were ‘full’, while most of the chairs didn’t even have a person on it. If everyone does it, I will definitely do it.”

“No one really laughs at me because I’ll always put my towel on. All my friends do too, even if not everyone wants to admit it,” laughs Jazz. “I think it’s a really generic thing. In fact, in some hotels they now ban ‘layers of towels’ like us from reserving seats. I really felt like I was allowed to take my things from the front desk in the morning.”

Dean, 27, became ‘towel class’ against his principles this summer

“Usually I’m against the whole thing, but this summer I started doing the trick with the towel myself,” Dean says. “I went to Portugal with some friends. On our first day, we didn’t have ‘reserved’ pool deck chairs and we were allowed to pay for it. There was no room anywhere, and the land isn’t great, I can tell you. (Laugh)

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“On the second day, we got up with the rest of the hotel to put our towels down. My friends and I came up with a kind of roller system: while one group went to eat, two people kept guarding the chairs by the pool. Usually I was, because with a 2.5 year old son you don’t You sleep too long anyway.It was my alarm clock. (Laugh) But even when I got up early, most of the seats were already filled. Especially the “luxury seats” under the canopy immediately disappeared. This creates a certain stress factor.”


Even when I got up early, most of the seats were already filled.


However, there were signs by the pool clearly indicating that the hotel would not tolerate this practice, Dean says. But they allowed it anyway. The pool officially opened at 9 am and swimming pool boy He didn’t make his rounds until ten o’clock. Then this does not make sense. Sometimes the towels were taken off, but that didn’t happen often.”

“I’m not going to die hard after this summer Staying “a layer of a towel,” I think, “says Dean. I’ll only keep my seats if I have to. But other than that, I don’t worry too much about it.”

Not everyone likes it

Towel holders are not equally popular with everyone. The five-star GF Gran Costa Adeje hotel in Tenerife is one of several resorts that now have a policy against it. “If a guest leaves their towel on a chair outside swimming hours, we will remove it and store it,” said Eliseo Ortega, a hotel employee. “The pool team will then leave a card stating that the towel has been properly stored and where the guest can pick up their own.”

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“We have been following this policy since the hotel opened in 2001. We want to give all guests the opportunity to enjoy the pool. At first we received complaints about our interference, but over time customers agreed to the policy and now they appreciate it too. The feedback today is very positive. Our customers even post Promote us on social media like TikTok, giving us more positive feedback.”

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