July 22, 2024

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Jens Dendoncker with Julie Van den Steen presents the ‘Even Good Friends’ Quiz |  Television

Jens Dendoncker with Julie Van den Steen presents the ‘Even Good Friends’ Quiz | Television

TelevisionAbout a week ago, it was announced that Jens Dendoncker, 32, will succeed host Nils Disstadsbadr, 34, in The Masked Singer. There is another work to be done. Jens, along with Julie Van den Steen (30), may be testing the all-new VTM “Up to Good Friends” this fall.

A year ago, 32-year-old Dendoncker was still in the rags basket and had to deal with the consequences of major depression. Last summer, news followed that he and his girlfriend, 28-year-old Lauren Versnick, had decided to end their relationship.

After that, only positive messages were followed for Gen. First, he was invited to host the launch of “Wie searches who wins”, a happiness-giving program in which participating families can win up to €100,000 – hidden in their homes. The news was last week that Jens would be the new host of season three of “The Masked Singer.” The show – good for two million viewers – will air again on VTM next spring.

Perhaps before the start of the World Cup, Jens will also give a test called “Even Close Friends”. He does so with Julie Van den Steen, who recently extended her exclusive contract with VTM.

Duets full of contrasts

“Even Good Friends” is a quiz in which celebrities participate in the duo. During the test they only discover who they are actually playing with. Candidates are not together at the beginning of the program, but are grouped together during the game. The goal is to bring together candidates with completely different appeals.

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Jens and Julie are looking for the perfect couple with perfect synergy. What unexpected group of familiar faces bring out the best in each other? Who complete each other enough to win? And who loses and remains “good friends”? These are the essential questions for the new VTM program.

“We’ll be looking really soon for inconsistencies, for example a comedian uniting with an athlete. Janes explains that the couple themselves don’t yet know with whom they make up a couple, which makes everything more interesting.”

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