December 4, 2022

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Jerón Meuse struggles with his brother's death: 'He was suffering from a chronic illness, I have a chronic grief' |  BV

Jerón Meuse struggles with his brother’s death: ‘He was suffering from a chronic illness, I have a chronic grief’ | BV

BVThe death of his brother Wim at the end of last year seriously affected Jeroen Mewes (44). The chef said this on Wednesday evening at Table of Four. “I had to go to therapy, I was totally stuck.”

Wim died at the end of last year of colon cancer. “He’s been sick for 3.5 years,” Jeron says. During the conversation with Gert Verholst, the chef often had a hard time. “He didn’t look good from the start. There were metastases, and that’s rarely a good sign. However, Wim never wanted to talk about death. He displayed tremendous fighting spirit and is an inspiration to all of us.”

Jeroen, who also talked about his new book “Groentekost”, was very close to his brother. We slept together in one room. There are three of us in the house – three brothers. Close brothers. It’s so weird when someone suddenly falls out of it. This is a great loss.”

Meus was not treated after his brother’s death. “He had a chronic illness,” he said, “and I’m chronically sad.” “The whole family, by the way. Only now I can talk a little bit about it, and that’s a hack. At first I was totally stuck. I was really deep and couldn’t move on. That’s why I started getting therapy.”

On the advice of his therapist, the boss is now doing something with his grief. “After Wim passed away, I received a lot of mourning cards from people who lost a loved one just like me,” he explained. “I’m now looking for these guys for a TV show and looking at how to deal with grief. It’s the show I have to do. As a tribute to Wim. Plus, I hope it helps me find peace.”

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