March 29, 2023

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Jimmy Weiss: "Lil Klein is asking me and my son for expensive watches" |  showbiz

Jimmy Weiss: “Lil Klein is asking me and my son for expensive watches” | showbiz

In a segment released from the episode that can be watched on Friday, Weiss discusses an email she received from her attorney Kim Bomer with her friends Quinn Peter Van Dyck and Estelle Cruyff. The former rapper says the email relates to confiscation of some of the donated watches. “It is now said that it was never a gift,” Weiss says. “I swear to you, it is now said that it was never a gift.”

In the segment, Jaimie does not hide her surprise about her ex-husband’s request. “You know when he did something, it had to be photographed from every angle because Yorick was so good to his wife. And now it is said in black and white in an email that this is simply not true.”

The relationship between Weiss and rapper Lil Klein ended at the beginning of this year after pictures surfaced showing the rapper tying his girlfriend’s head between the car and the door of the car. The rapper was arrested soon after and prosecutors said they suspected he had attempted to assault him. Then Weiss broke off the relationship. The two have a son together, Lio. The Public Prosecution Office stated at the end of June that the investigation into the case was still ongoing.

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