December 6, 2022

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Jin (BTS) released an emotional single "Astronaut" with a video full of references to fans

Jin (BTS) released an emotional single “Astronaut” with a video full of references to fans

BTS’ Jin has his single today Astronaut released in the world. The song serves as a farewell to Jane before he begins his mandatory military service later this year. But the song and the video make it especially clear that we shouldn’t see that as a farewell, but rather as a “see you soon.”

A new work of BTS has already been released in the world today. Around AstronautJin’s first single to be released as a single album. Jin announced the song On the BTS’ free concert in Busan And now it has already appeared.


Jane’s work for Astronaut with Coldplay. The band co-wrote the song, provided the instrumental and first player Chris Martin and his son Moses were heard as backing vocals. The song was produced by Kygo and Max Martin. sample of kangaroo Used, a song composed by Johann Johansson for the film’s soundtrack Arrival By Denis Villeneuve, also about space.

Astronaut It’s a pop rock song that clearly has a lot of Coldplay influences. However, it also fits perfectly with Jin’s previous solo work, such as the moon And the abyss. Chris Martin actually said he was inspired by a conversation he had with Jane when writing the song. In it, the oldest member of BTS talked about how he will soon work for a Number of months in the army And how he will miss his fans and other group members. Astronaut It’s about how when you’re with the right person, there’s nowhere you’d rather be. There are a lot of allusions in the song’s clip to Jane’s identity.



.’s video Astronaut He has a lot of references to ARMY, fans of BTS. For example, the beginning of the video shows how Jane completes a crossword puzzle. Although it is not just a random crossword puzzle. The black squares represent “For ARMY” in braille. This braille script would later return as a tattoo on Jane’s neck, and there it also reads “ARMY”.

Fans also suspect that the girl who appears in the clip represents ARMY. Jane taught her to ride a bike and when she can do everything herself, he leaves. But at the end of the clip, the bike bell can be heard and Jane immediately pops up. Seems like a metaphor for BTS fans. They’ll have to deal with their own for the next few months when Jane does his military service, but he’ll still be there for them when they need him.

Finally, fans also believe that they found several references to the rest of BTS in the clip. For example, in Jin’s room, you can find items that can be associated with the other 6 members of BTS. At the end of the clip, Jane is picked up by a pickup truck. We’ve already seen them many times in videos from BTS, including Will come which appeared earlier this year.

He lives

will jin Astronaut Tonight (Belgian time) Make it live with Coldplay in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The video of the live version of the song will be posted on the official BTS YouTube channel tomorrow morning, bangtan tv.

You can also watch Coldplay’s full performance in Buenos Aires tomorrow at the cinema. More information on this can be found here.

Watch .’s video Astronaut:

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