February 6, 2023

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Joe Biden is back: Why the US president is coming to Brussels again

Joe Biden is back: Why the US president is coming to Brussels again

Also, behind the consensus face, there are some differences of opinion among the teams. Eastern European countries in particular are pushing for stronger NATO action in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. Estonia asks for a no-fly zone, Poland wants to table a plan for a “peace force” in Ukraine, troops could also be provided by NATO. Then there is sometimes the debate over the supply of warplanes to Ukraine.

All of this is not really in line with the coalition’s official line that NATO is not involved in the conflict: “We are not a part of this conflictAlthough almost all member states supply bilateral weapons to Ukraine, the federation is limited to speaking verbally to Putin. To pull the alliance into battle.

Softening those folds a little is another reason for President Biden to travel to Europe in person. After Brussels, he goes to Poland, the war-torn NATO country. With that visit, Biden expresses his solidarity and gratitude to Poland, but he may be massaging some dissent in Warsaw.

In Brussels, as the undeniable Primus Interpress, he could lead and perhaps resolve disputes over the appropriate NATO response. NATO leader Stoltenberg has been seen with more tension in recent weeks and will not regret it. Finally, the US President will be pleased to learn of the intent to significantly increase their investment in the security of more and more European member states. He has a trophy to gift at home in Washington.