December 6, 2022

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Joe Cullen the best in London, Johnny Clayton wins the Premier League title |  More sports

Joe Cullen the best in London, Johnny Clayton wins the Premier League title | More sports

dartsJoe Colin played the 15th day of the English Premier League darts won. The 32-year-old Englishman beat Johnny Clayton in the final. Clayton is sure to win the regular season. Jeroen Price will have to work hard next Thursday, the last day of play in Newcastle, to get to the Final Four.

No loss was allowed until the last day, but Jeroen Price did in the quarter-finals. The Welshman confirmed his poor form against Johnny Clayton. Very few complications, and no success in doubles. Clayton made the score 3-6. The playoffs are far from Bryce. Michael Van Gerwin also died at the same half-table. The Dutchman pulled another decision after a cannonball was fired by Michael Smith, but lost: 6-5. Peter Wright, wearing glasses, tackled James Wade (3-6). Then Joe Cullen demonstrated against the shutdown of Gary Anderson, in which there was nothing at stake. The score was 6-1.

In his first semi-final, Clayton secured the final regular-season win against Smith (6-4), meaning he also started in the fourth final as a number one. By far the most consistent in the Premier League. Smith held out for so long that he even caused a break, but eventually had to get to know his boss. In the other semi-final we saw Wright very mediocre. Nothing really works. Score: 1-6 against Colin.

So Clayton vs. Colin in the final. I went straight to 2-2, and then Colin took care of the first half. Despite some difficulties with doubles, he didn’t compromise on them: 4-6. It was the 32-year-old’s second win in the first round of the Premier League. At the end of March, Colin also won at Ahoy in Rotterdam.

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The last normal day of play will be next Thursday. On Monday 13 May there will be the fourth final, which will determine the overall win for the Premier League. Only the top four may participate on that last day. Clayton and Van Gerwin are among them for sure. Wade, Colin, Wright and Price compete for the remaining two spots. Wade is almost certain of his place as a comfortable third, and Price should hope for a miracle in Berlin.


1. Clayton – 37 points (qualified for Final Four).
2 – Van Gerwin – 31 (qualified)
3. Wade – 25
4. Colin – 22
5. Wright – 22
6. Price – 18
7. Smith – 16 (dismissed)
8. Anderson – 9 (elimination)

Today’s results

Jeroen Price – Johnny Clayton: 3-6
Michael Smith – Michael Van Gerwin: 6-5
James Wade – Peter Wright: 3-6
Joe Cullen – Gary Anderson: 6-1

semi final
Johnny Clayton – Michael Smith: 6-4
Peter Wright – Joe Cullen: 1-6

Johnny Clayton – Joe Cullen: 4-6

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