July 25, 2024

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Johnson: ‘I’m leaving with my head held high’ |  Abroad

Johnson: ‘I’m leaving with my head held high’ | Abroad

Boris Johnson showed a hostile attitude during the weekly question time in the British Parliament. And it sounded like, “Soon I’m leaving with my head held high.”


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“It is absolutely true that I am leaving at a time that I did not choose,” the Conservative leader said. “But I am proud of the teamwork and leadership during my tenure.” He referred to Britain’s exit from the European Union, the COVID-19 vaccination campaign and London’s “decisive role” after Russia’s “brutal invasion” of Ukraine.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. © AFP

There were some chaotic scenes at the beginning of the session. Two MPs from the Scottish Alba Party have called loudly for an independence referendum for their part of the country without giving the floor. It was apparent that the speaker, Lindsey Hoyle, was upset and shouted “Ask!” and “Shut up or go”. The two deputies were later expelled from the room.

Speaker Lindsey Hoyle.

Speaker Lindsey Hoyle. © Photo News

distrust movement

There will also be a vote of no confidence in Parliament. However, the focus there is on trust in the government as a whole and not just in Johnson. The government had previously blocked a motion by Labour’s opposition to hold a vote of no confidence in Johnson. Johnson wants to remain in office until a successor is chosen on Sept. 5. With the proposal, the Labor Party wanted to force him out of office immediately. However, it is doubtful whether a majority will be found for this.

Johnson resigned as party leader last week under tremendous pressure from his party and cabinet. The prime minister had witnessed scandal after scandal before. The successor selection process continues today.

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