February 5, 2023

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Journalist drives through a completely destroyed city in eastern Ukraine

Journalist drives through a completely destroyed city in eastern Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has been going on for nineteen days. Countless videos of the Russian invasion reach our editors every day. In this article we list some striking photos, which have been verified by the editors.

1. Press reports from the completely destroyed city of Volnova

Volnovakia was once home to 22,000 residents, but now the city consists only of burnt out buildings after days of heavy bombardment. Aljoša Milenkovi is an Eastern European correspondent for CNTG, the Chinese public broadcaster. He is one of the few journalists who are still in the area and reported on the situation there on Sunday.

2. The Ukrainian army published pictures of soldiers defending Kyiv

On Sunday, the Ukrainian army released a video showing Ukrainian soldiers working at the front. The military claimed that the tape was filmed in the town of Moschon, a suburb of Kyiv.

3. Mariupol drone movies

The battle for the important port city of Mariupol is fierce. The bodies are lying in the street, the food has run out, and the electricity is no longer available. On Sunday alone, 22 bombs were dropped within 24 hours. The drone images above show how several apartment buildings caught fire on Saturday after several Russian missile attacks.

4. Ukrainians take Russian chariots

The Ukrainian army continues to defend itself with its teeth and nails. Last weekend, they managed to take out some Russian vehicles again near Mariupol, while the Russians continue to launch air strikes on residential areas.

5. The Chechen leader: “Sincerely surrender or we will kill you”

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Meanwhile, the leader of the Russian region of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, moved to Ukraine with some Russian troops. This came according to pictures published by Chechen TV channels and published on Kadyrov’s account on Telegram.