April 1, 2023

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JPL transfers: The federation finds the Swedish international in the German third tier, goalkeeper KV Oostende |  football

JPL transfers: The federation finds the Swedish international in the German third tier, goalkeeper KV Oostende | football

The 2022-2023 season has already started in the Jupiler Pro League, but the clubs continue to strengthen themselves. Who are the latest arrivals? You can read it on this page.


  1. 7 pm 24. Bohdan Michalichenko returns to Ukraine. Bohdan Michalichenko is leaving Anderlecht and will play for a year on rent in Shakhtar Donetsk. The Ukrainian will soon return to his homeland. .
  2. 5 pm – 7 pm English goalkeeper for KV Oostende. KV Oostende has attracted a new goalkeeper with Dillon Phillips. The 27-year-old was appointed from Cardiff, but if loved, Ostend could take over permanently. “Dillon has an interesting profile, and we’ve been following him for a while. He’s a real ‘shot keeper’ and he also plays football well,” says CEO Gauthier Jani. “Now we have two goalkeepers (Hubert and Phillips) and two boys who can still make a lot of progress.” .
  3. 17h 17. The union began buzzing again in the lower classes of Germany. The Federation once again toured the lower reaches of German football and there, along with Gustav Nilsson, found a new striker. Nelson is 25 years old and has already played twice for Sweden. With 1.96 metres, it better conforms to the profile of the target striker. He scored 21 goals in 50 matches for his team Wiesbaden. .
  4. 4 p.m. 36. Syringe shopping in Nantes. Syringe cemented himself with Guinean international Abdoulaye Sylla who came from Nantes. The 22-year-old defender has signed a two-year contract. .
  5. 11 am 15. Dessoleil on rent basis to Kortrijk. First Division side Antwerp has loaned surplus player Dorian Desauly to fellow series KV Kortrijk until the end of the season. The Great Old acquired 29-year-old Dessoleil from Sporting Charleroi a year ago. Last season the defender played 27 games but this season it was not in coach Mark van Bommel’s plans and he was referred to Team B. .
  6. 07-27-2022.
  7. 8 pm 19.
  8. 4 p.m. 24. AA Gent Leave Oladoye depart for Trencin. Midfielder Adewale Oladoye continues his career with Slovakian AS Trencin. The 20-year-old Nigerian is leaving AA Gent, where he has been on contract since March 2021. Both clubs announced the transfers on Wednesday. He played 10 times for Buffalos last season (one goal), but winning a spot at the start wasn’t an option. Gent and Trencin have worked together regularly in recent years. For example, Moses Simon, Samuel Kalou and Osman Bockari made the move from Slovakia to Gelamko Arena.
  9. 2022-07-06.
  10. 17 hours 18.
  11. 2022-05-07.
  12. 7:00 pm 49. Ghent hosts Tsakvetadze in Slovakia. A.A. Gent loaned Giorgi Tsjakvetadze to Slovak champion Slovan Bratislava for one season. It is a rental with no purchase option for Georgian International. The 22-year-old Tsjakvetadze has been playing football for the Ghent team since 2017, having come from Dinamo Tbilisi from his homeland. In previous years, the midfielder was in the breach basket with a knee injury and was unable to force a permanent place at Buffalos last season. In the last six months he played for the German second-tier team Hamburg. .
  13. 17 hours 44. Michel Flab leaves Anderlecht permanently for Twente. Michel Flap will no longer wear an Anderlecht shirt. The Dutch midfielder (25) was already loaned to Twente last season and is now taking the job on a permanent basis. Vlap signs for 3 years, with an option. Anderlecht paid €8 million for Vlap to Heerenveen in 2019. De Vries played 39 official matches in the purple and white jersey, but could not move forward. He was loaned to Arminia Bielefeld for the first time in early 2021, followed by a loan to Twente in August 2021.
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