December 8, 2022

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Judge drops Trump's sentence on conditions outside the country

Judge drops Trump’s sentence on conditions outside the country

In a case involving possible financial manipulation by former US President Donald Trump, a New York judge is ready to raise the sentence against him. This is what the various American media write. Trump must meet various conditions by May 20, including paying a $110,000 ($105,000) fine.

The judge imposed a daily fine of $10,000 (about 9,500 euros) because Trump did not respond to a subpoena. Trump himself called this unfair.

Trump and his group are accused of fraud to gain economic advantage. For example, the company would have made false statements about the value of immovable heritage, according to the attorney general. Trump’s company denies all allegations.

Trump previously said he would send “millions of pages upon millions of pages” to the New York state attorney general who is investigating the Trump Organization, Trump’s business tool. But the judge has now decided that the former president will have to provide more “satisfactory” statements. In addition, the company that has been researching the Trump Organization files is also required to prepare a report. Trump and his team now have 11 days to do so.

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