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Jury member ‘Smartest Person’ Stephen van Herweg admits: ‘I’m paying myself Blue at alimony’ |  The smartest person in the world

Jury member ‘Smartest Person’ Stephen van Herweg admits: ‘I’m paying myself Blue at alimony’ | The smartest person in the world

TelevisionFifteen years after he himself became “the smartest person in the world”, Stephen van Herwig was allowed to judge for the first time on Monday night in the audition that made him great. During his debut, he actually said that alimony after his divorce earned him a place in the “Guinness Book of Records”. Bart Kanerts again won the same test.

Don’t teach him audition tricks, because Bart Kanerts knows them all too well. Although he was quite surprised by the end of the movie tour when he was able to win again with the “ABBA” and “VP” answers. “I didn’t really know this was still possible,” Kanerts stuttered, already good for sixteen engagements. Surviving two more times and is on par with this unrealistic record for Ella Laers. Bart is already certain to return in the Grand Final on Thursday, November 10. Nobody can match him anymore.

With Bart’s outright win, newcomer Danira Buchris Turksides and boyfriend Geert Mevrot – the two who knew each other from the Corona period and her talk show “Vandagh” – were judged in the final. The strange thing is that the professor specifically withheld the question of Erasmus and thus caused him to leave. Furthermore, it stops at 60sec and not at 61sec. Although this wouldn’t make much difference, because Danira received a very easy closing question with a question about the biggest weekly in Flanders. And so the man who put his fingers in his nose last year “the smartest man in the world” has already disappeared after two rings.

Danira is a cute newcomer and a breath of fresh air in the game. Beautiful, fast and sharp, plus she was well studied and focused. A strong player that Bart Kanerts and every newcomer should consider.

Mercury and Flobky

After his hard run in the opening episode, it seemed like it wasn’t going well for Geert Mayfruit this time. We would have dared believe that the professor had no meaning, time, or anything in another continuation of the exam. He’s a little late the whole time, and he’s got a tough photo tour, but is helped by an easy video of the death of Lokeren boss Roger Lambrecht. And look, Bart Cannaerts once again got the Netflix series on his video board. The fact that Danira didn’t completely unravel her (easy) video for Valerie Van Peel was a godsend for Bart. To his surprise, by the way.

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Kwik and Flupke served on jury seats. Sven De Leijer is always (rehearsing) funny, and Steven Van Herreweghe was welcome with a fresh, fresh face. This time De Leijer used titles from VRT shows as a common thread, and Van Herreweghe stayed personal and focused on his (apparently costly) divorce.

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best quotes

Danira (immediately critical): “I’ve been preparing for the past few days with ‘The Smartest Human’ board game. Fully dated. I’ll know many of the answers from 2014.”

Danira (about hitting Tom Wes in the final): “I don’t blame him.” To Alti Sven: “Since then I’ve been calling him Stom Weiss.”

Danira (about “about food”): “Do I know all about food? No! But do I eat too much? Yes!” To which Eric: Kobe calls you Danira Boufres. Is that right?” And Danira: “Yes, that’s beautiful, isn’t it. I call him Bucky Elsen.”

Danira: I am not afraid of anyone. Of course they do, but saying that makes them feel more confident. I sit here without expectations. I just came for the free drinks.”

Geert (on the level): “There are no bad candidates this year. Nobody leaves anything behind. It’s very good to watch, playing with it is another thing.”

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Sven (about the nominees): “It just feels like a party for the VRT staff here. Danira Advances On One. Bart Advances On One. Steven Advances On One. Me too. Dr. Gert played on ‘Thuis’ for many years. Eric, let’s face it, I worked for One for years. Until mandatory retirement.”

De Leyer (after a question about Lekdreef in Averbode): “Isn’t that also an attraction at Befteling?”

Stephen: “Aalst has a Chinese-run Japanese restaurant called Erwin. Really.”

fun moments

Steven van Herreweghe explains that being “the smartest human being” is fun, but that’s when the misery kicks in. “I ran a red light once and had to go to the police court. Behold, the smartest human being, you know the colors anyway.. or if you have to ask the way. How do you not know that? Or a parish hall contest. Come on young man, don’t you? You know the answer to the question what plate tectonics are. Terrible. You know what, I want to go back to the stupid horde (whom Stephen tore up his testimony).”

Danira tells how, as a “winger”, she matches up with men. “First I will have a conversation about shoes and things, then my friend will pass. I say he is my friend, I should go to the toilet and complained. “

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Transformation moments

The Devil was in the video tour and final. Before that, nothing amazing happened. Bart finished ‘3-6-9’ without a score. Everything turned out in a video tour. Geert got 150 seconds really fast for the first time, and Bart got another one on the Netflix series. This time it was about a “train wreck” and he had to pass quickly. The part was so hard that Danira and Geert didn’t get any use for it. Danira took the win, but failed in her video for Valerie Van Peel. Bart won, surprising him.

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The final was played well and difficult. Geert even got a fairly easy question about Erasmus, but he only knew two answers. He scored poorly in the next question, and then Danira could easily finish.

Final score (for the final match)

1. Bart Kanerts: 332 seconds

2. Change Myfrodt: 316 seconds

3. Danira Boukhreis: 306 seconds

The result

1. Bart Kanerts: 15 entries, 8 wins, 7 finals

2. Jonas Gernert: 5 entries, 2 wins, 2 finals, 1 final lost

3. Liesbeth Van Impe: 4 entries, 3 wins, 1 final loss

Delphine Lecompte: 4 entries, 2 wins, 1 final, 1 final lost

Jill Clemens: 4 entries, 2 wins, 1 final win, 1 final loss

6. Lotte Fanweismail: 3 entries, 1 win, 1 final, 1 final lost

Jill Van Boyle: 3 entries, won 2 finals, lost 1 final

Eva de Roux: 3 entries, won 2 finals, lost 1 final

9. Changed Mevrodt: 2 entries, 1 final win, 1 final loss

10. Daniera Bukhris: 1 entry and 1 winner in the end


Gil de Coster (41), winner of the “Smartest Human Being” in 2013, with 7 entries and 3 wins.

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