December 7, 2023

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'Justice League' Director Joss Whedon Dumped Ray Fisher for being a bad actor

‘Justice League’ Director Joss Whedon Dumped Ray Fisher for being a bad actor

Joss Whedon smash months of silence about the allegations of abuse he faced. This is how we heard stories from those involved in Justice Squad (2017) On Whedon’s misconduct in and around the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The director is especially angry with the actor Ray Fisher. In July 2020, it was reported that Whedon misbehaved massively and completely unacceptable on a group Justice Squad. It was the spark that brought down Whedon’s entire career.

worthless actor
Fisher stated at the time that Whedon had lighter skin tone in Justice Squad Because he wasn’t a fan of it (a story that was later retracted). Fisher also mentioned that he had a much smaller story than a cyborg for racial reasons, when he would first be the heart of the film.

But according to Whedon, that’s not the case. Whedon said he significantly cut Fisher’s screen time in the movie because of The cyborg story didn’t make sense.. In addition, he felt that the actor gave poor acting. The allegations were made by Fischer “It’s not true and it’s not worth discussing.”.

According to Whedon, it was a malicious act. “We’re talking about a bad actor in both senses of the word.”

Fisher responded on Twitter:

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