February 4, 2023

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Justin Bieber recovering from facial paralysis: 'It was a scary situation' |  Famous People

Justin Bieber recovering from facial paralysis: ‘It was a scary situation’ | Famous People

Famous PeopleJustin Bieber is getting better after revealing last week that he suffers from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, a condition in which part of his face has been paralyzed. His wife Hailey Bieber told Good Morning America today that he thinks the kind reactions from fans played a major role in this.

“He’s doing well, getting a little better every day. It was a scary and unusual situation, but he’s going to make a full recovery and I’m thankful he’s doing well,” Healy told the show’s hosts. “He’s got support from friends, fans and family, from getting good wishes to tips and recommendations, it’s just amazing.”

The presenters also asked Hailey about her health, as she had a mini-stroke in March. That recovery is also going well, the model said. “I feel so much better again. I had surgery to close the hole in my heart and give my body time to heal and recover since then. It took a while before I could feel myself again.”

Bieber said that the fact that Hailey and Justin have to deal with such serious health conditions at such a young age has its upsides, too. “It more or less forces us to publicize it, and besides helping people understand what you’re going through, it also provides great conversations and insights. Plus, since we’re going through this together, we’ve brought it closer together,” concludes Healy.

Also note: Justin Bieber’s face is partially paralyzed due to the virus

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