January 28, 2023

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Juventus must hand over at least 15 Serie A points after cheating on player transfer values ​​| Series A

Series AIt must give Juventus a minimum of 15 points in Serie A. The Turin club has not been honest about player transfer values ​​in the past. Juventus will appeal the decision.

Juventus would secretly pay players during the first months of the Corona crisis. That while the club reported that all players had handed over four months’ salaries.

Earlier today, a prosecutor from the Italian Football Federation demanded a deduction of 9 points. It is not yet clear if Juventus will appeal the strict ruling.

Juventus is now in third place in Serie A. And a club drops to 10th if it really has to deliver 15 points. In this case, participation in European football next season is very far away. Accordingly, Juventus will appeal the decision. “We are waiting for the referee’s motive to respond, but we can already say that we will appeal to the Italian Olympic Committee,” the old lady said in a statement.

Former sporting director Fabio Paratici, who is currently at Tottenham, will receive a 30-month suspension. Ex-president Andrea Agnelli two years. Pavel Nedved, the former vice president, will be sentenced to eight months in prison. The current sporting director Federico Cherubini has been suspended for 17 months.

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