December 9, 2022

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KAA Gent beats European man with big win over struggling KV Mechelen |  Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

KAA Gent beats European man with big win over struggling KV Mechelen | Jupiler Pro League 2022/2023

man of the match: On the right, Matisse Samoys was crucial to the buffalo. Anyone who wants to calculate Gentenar’s lungs has been busy for a while, with many procedures at each of sixteen metres. She participates in the first and second goals, and is indispensable in this ghent.

Key moment: A few minutes into the first half, Berger Verstreet wanted to fend off Ghent’s attack with a sarcastic but assertive tackle. The midfielder wants to accept the yellow card, but then sees the red card under his nose. Peterberg finds it very dangerous, even after the intervention of the VAR. Bathing for Verstraete and Editing for Ghent.

noticeable: Goalkeeper Ghent’s tactics is not very transparent. Nardy was skipped “keeper of Europe” on Thursday in favor of Davy Rove. He was off the bench today, with the Frenchman under the bar.

At first, Ghent and Michelin were still separated from each other by six points. On the field, the two teams competed in most of the first half of humble and fearsome football.

Two chances opened in the first half, one for each team. Coucke had to lie flat.

Then it was a matter of waiting until ten minutes before halftime, before Ghent could play some football together. Samoys followed suit well, after Hugo Kuipers headed home against Quebec on a Hong cross. 1-0 in the first half, the people of Ghent must have thought they deserved it.

During the fifteen-minute break, many words can be thought of for the match. Saltless, uninspired, boring, good grab. After the break, Ghent seemed better prepared to do something about it and impose first chances.

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Five minutes later, the home team saw Mechelen fall by ten minutes after a strict ruling from Jan Puterberg. It turned out to be a signal to really start playing football.

Okumu hit the crossbar, Odjidja completely missed his shot, so she had to come from the wings. Samoise hit Coucke’s hand first. Norio Fortuna followed well and scored the double.

The match ended in scores, but Vadis Ogedja also had to lose his egg. Thanks to teammate Hong, the captain came only in front of goal, and he could hardly miss it. Micklin came next, but he didn’t even come close to the outside of the post.

Micklin should gradually start looking down and hanging over the drop zones. Ostend can pass Antwerp to 14th place with one point. Then Gent jumps over OHL and Westerlo to sixth.