June 5, 2023

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Kamal Kharmash becomes the new presenter of the “Free for a Year” program: “I throw myself at 200 percent” |  showbiz

Kamal Kharmash becomes the new presenter of the “Free for a Year” program: “I throw myself at 200 percent” | showbiz

TelevisionIn 2023, the TV channel One will present the fourth season of the famous test: “A free year”. But the presenter on duty, Thomas Vanderviken (41), will now pass the torch to comedian Kemal Kharmash (30): “It’s a big step, but I’m very excited.”

Free for a year fans can start the countdown to a brand new season, with a brand new presenter. Thomas Vanderveken has taken care of the presentation during previous seasons, but is currently very busy with several other ongoing projects, including “Factcheckers” and “Only Elvis” alive. As a result, he will now leave presenting the “free for a year” program to someone else: comedian Kamal Kharmash. This wasn’t Kharmash’s first TV appearance, as he previously appeared on Marble Mania and helped entrepreneurs in need on Other People Business.

“I am happy to hand the wand to Kamal Kharmash, a man with a sense of humor and above all money. Kamal will definitely ask the right questions to distribute this extra annual salary,” says Thomas. Kamal is very excited, but also nervous. “With my knees trembling, I took this job from Thomas. It’s a huge step, but I’m so excited and driven to give viewers a great season. I’m throwing myself 200 per cent.”

The formula for passing the “free for one year” TV test remains the same. There will be sixteen candidates in the starting groups, each with a chance to win a full net salary. At the end of each episode, one candidate is eliminated, until at the end only one winner is left. He can take home a huge amount of money.

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The program is looking for candidates. Would you also like to win a “year for free”? Register now via this link.

Free Year – Thomas Vanderveken © VRT

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