July 22, 2024

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Kamal Kharmash pays the hall in full during the show: “To support the organizers” |  showbiz

Kamal Kharmash pays the hall in full during the show: “To support the organizers” | showbiz

showbizThese are expensive times and financial expert and comedian Kamal Kharmash (30 years old) knows this better than most. To support the organizers of the experiment, he subsequently gave a drink to the entire audience. “It’s often hard for them to get out of the cost.”

Two more months and Kamal Kharmash will launch his fourth conference at the end of the year to one viewer. To focus on this show, Morocco’s Antwerp is currently touring the country with trials. He ended up at the community center in Wijnegem this weekend. Having made the audience of 150 people sing for the first time the song “Expensive, Expensive, Everything Expensive,” he then took a drink in the entire hall.

no profit

“I did it to support the regulators,” Kamal says. “Ticket prices for the trials are very low and in such small places it is difficult for them to save money. That’s why they asked me to take a break so people can consume some. But I’m on the last straight line to the premiere and I don’t want to interrupt the rhythm of the performance. That’s why I dealt with The audience at the end, provided that they also order a drink afterwards.”


The conference is more difficult than other years. Lots of real frustrations make it funnier.

Kermach does it often. “I think my test ride really cost me more than it brought in,” he laughs with a wink. “It has come to you now, but I prefer not to brag about it. That is what my mother has always taught me. After ‘other people’s business,’ I also know very well how many enterprises are not making a profit.”

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Arrows of the planets

Meanwhile, Kharmach is fine-tuning the final details at his year-end “Can I Have a Moment” conference. “Although politicians keep doing stupid things, I have to constantly interfere,” Kharmash laughs. Whether planetary arrows were in it again? “After the end of this week, for example, we will be back,” Kharmash laughs. “Although the question is whether it will not be deleted again at a later time. It remains to be seen if people still remember her video from the end of December. For the rest I can say that the conference is more difficult than in other years. A lot Of real frustrations will make it even more entertaining.”

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