December 9, 2022

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Karista (14 years old) wins The Voice Kids: 'Theatre is my second home'

Karista (14 years old) wins The Voice Kids: ‘Theatre is my second home’

She had told two friends a secret, but for all the other people close to her, Karista had been wandering around with the secret for a month. Because she had The Voice Kids win – win. “Very strange,” she laughs. “Everyone asked me questions or wished me luck when everything was already ready.”

In the final, Karista was influenced by the song joyful joyful. “There was more pressure than during qualifying. I instilled in myself that I have to really sympathize with the song. It went well. It was my best performance. However, it’s not an easy song, because it’s hard to follow the beat at first.” .

second house

Her path was not without flaws. K3’s Julia didn’t think the blind audition was one hundred percent good, because Karista gave a full show on stage. “I thought she was right. But in the world of music, it’s not always about the best sound. The overall picture has to be right. In that regard, I was satisfied with my performance.”

During the workshops, coach Duncan Lawrence insisted that Karista feel comfortable. He knows very well how to defuse stressful situations. And he believed that it was important to maintain your individuality on stage. Looking back at the match, I think I came out stronger. Not only in character, but also musically. Before that, I didn’t think I’d go very far, but when the push came along, I felt what I could do. I became more confident. I’m shy and quiet, but I throw myself on stage because I’m in my element. The podium is my second home.”


The apple does not fall far from the tree: in the Karista family, singing is an everyday occurrence. “My mother used to sing as a backing singer for Will Tora, and that singing was contagious. Our whole family sings in the church choir that my father cares for.”

This is the Church of International End of Harvest Services in Antwerp. There is a service every Sunday. “On Wednesdays there is a Bible study. Faith is important to me. Because of my situation at home, gospel music has become ubiquitous and also one of my favorite musical genres.”

Karista knows that young people listen a lot to hip-hop or R&B music. “But gospel evolves with the times. That way you also have r&b and soul songs in the gospel group.”

Not connected

The student in Antwerp studies Latin at the Unzee-Life-Frue College, but moves on to the humanities. “Because I am interested in how people think, and what goes on in the brain. Latin is a difficult subject and those exams in June will be challenging. But I think I will pass.”

How does Karista see the future? “If I get the chance, I want to continue with the music.” She herself is a fan of Chandler Moore. Or Whitney Houston. I thought her voice was unique.”

The win is accompanied by a scholarship of 10,000 euros, and Karista was allowed to record her first single, which will be released after the final. “Owned copy of handcuffs(praise you), a Mary Mary stroke, produced by assistant coaches Remko Kohney. A song about not always feeling good about yourself, but sometimes you have to dare to let everything go. This kind of music makes people happy.”

Before it was Karista The Voice Kids embarrassed. “At first I was terrified of everything. Those interviews, singing with these headphones… I’ve never done any of that. But back then it was so much fun! I can always call Coach Duncan if I need advice.”

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