December 7, 2022

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Karl and Bert after the surprise of the Brussels Cycling Classic: 'A lot of poker is played in team cars' |  Cycling

Karl and Bert after the surprise of the Brussels Cycling Classic: ‘A lot of poker is played in team cars’ | Cycling

In the Brussels Classic Cycling Championships, the favorites’ players left themselves to be defeated by the early Separatists yesterday. To the great happiness of Taco van der Hoorn (Intermarché-Wanty-Gobert), who returned with the victory cup. Commentators Karl Vannieuwkerke and Bert De Backer analyze how the cycle could turn into a surprising scenario.

Karl: “Were there mistakes yesterday by the teams that were not in the early break?”

Burt: “In the peloton you have to find allies to bridge the gap in the leading group and then put each other at risk. But more often there is poker. Yesterday they played a lot of poker and lost.”

In the support cars, the team leader would have said: ‘Today we won’t be driving even once. “

“The other teams will think, ‘We’ll be driving for the last 50 kilometres.'” If help does not come, we will stop.”

“Often teams threaten other teams’ cars that they will stop chasing them, but in the end they usually just go ahead.”

“Maybe they stopped driving yesterday. That could be a possible scenario for things to go wrong for the peloton.”

Karl: ‘Put Taco van der Horn in the cycling hierarchy’

Burt: “It’s kind of a specialty. Taco van der Horn has always managed to be in the early flight. He knows he can win races that way.”

“I think the early flights he’s on are more likely to make it to the end than not. Maybe we should put a PhD student on that matter.”

Karl: “Van der Horn said it does well once in 5 or once out of 10. Statistically speaking, that still sounds like a lot to me. But in his perception it might be because of the flights that often go to the end Come on .”

Bert: “And if Van der Horn was on that ride that made it to the finish, his chances are very good. I thought yesterday Bram Welton was the fastest in the leading group, but after such a long ride he didn’t even finish in the first 5.”

I think the early flights on which van der Horn was present to the end often.

Karl: “Thimo Willems’ results (yesterday’s second) have music: won the GP Vermarc, second in the Brussels Cycling Classic, third in the GP Criquielion”

Bert: “Williams really had opportunities to show his potential to the outside world. It wasn’t very good at the time, because he had to take a step back (from Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise to Minerva).”

“I think Williams is now performing at a higher level than the previous three years at Sport Flanders-Palais. As he develops now, it may be right that he gets another chance.”

Karl: “Can the sport of Flanders-Palais be happy with fourth and fifth places?”

Karl: “They could control every single withdrawal in the final. They knew Van der Horn was the guy who could do it: go away and win.”

Burt: “When Taco started, a Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise rider was up front among the pursuers. He started riding, but didn’t drive all the way to the wheel. The question is: Can he or not? Sprint, you can do a little.”

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