December 7, 2023

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Musk gaat los en scheldt de Amerikaanse president uit!

Kasturi goes to the forest and scolds the US President!

Tesla’s CEO goes wild on Twitter and insults US president. Read why here.

The world’s richest man seems determined to capture the most powerful. It produces crackers anyway. Elon MuskTesla CEO, President Joe Biden called it a “wet sock toy in human form” on Twitter last week. This was reflected in the 11% decline in Tesla shares. The internet has been talking about this all weekend.

Musk vs D President

Twitter Is Kasturi’s favorite shop. This time he also used this medium to express his opinion. This method is about corona operations in the United States and Canada. He has spent many records for this. An earlier Musk tweet – “Biden treats the American people like fools” – was part of a unilateral Twitter attack on the president. Biden did not retaliate, at least not directly. The White House released a tweet praising the president for their work in developing Tesla rivals General Motors and Ford electric vehicles.

Musk praised the protests against the U.S. mandate that Canadian truck drivers must show a vaccination certificate to enter the country. “This is not the behavior of a normal, rational CEO,” said John Coffee, a professor at Columbia University Law School.


“But even if Musk is very successful, we already know he’s not. Even if he correctly points to Fiden’s final defeat, he and his companies can endure a terrible pain in the meantime. Just because the SEC and other agencies now consider him a sworn adversary does not mean that he will be retaliated against.” Said the professor. The president has more power over Musk. Tesla And other businesses of entrepreneurs are subject to regulations. But has Kasturi really emerged from it …

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