June 2, 2023

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“Katy Perry Considers Quitting ‘American Idol’ After Continued Criticism”. celebrities

celebritiesAmerican Idol judge Katy Perry, 38, is considering throwing in the towel after six years. This is after being showered with criticism several times last season. “She feels like the producers threw her under the bus,” sources told the Daily Mail.

It’s very likely that there will be no trace of Katy Perry in the new season of “American Idol.” She reportedly wants to give it up after six seasons. This is because she believes the producers threw her under the bus last season and portrayed her as a “bad judge.” “She feels her comments could have been removed,” a source told the Daily Mail.

Perry reportedly reached her breaking point after being told multiple times that she was too hard on her co-stars. Katie understood the harsh criticism. “The booing really bothers her,” said a source.

Under pressure at bay

The “Dark Horse” singer was criticized several times last season for being “extremely critical” of the cast. For example, the sparkling stage outfit of candidate Nutsa Buzaladze was criticized. “Notsa, every time you go on stage, it feels like you’re bombarding the stage with all your glamor,” Perry said. “I’d like to ask one thing. Don’t wear glitter next time. I know it’s going to be hard.”

Participant Sarah Beth Libby — a 25-year-old mother of three — also had to believe it. She didn’t accept that the singer — herself the mother of two-year-old Daisy Duff — said she was at the table a lot. Sarah stated in a TikTok video (now deleted) that she found that moment very embarrassing and heartbreaking. “I think women who support and lift other women are wonderful. Shame on my mom is so lame. It’s hard enough being a mother and a wife,” said Libby, who then left the talent show.

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