December 1, 2022

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Kaylee Humphries, who left Canada for abuse, is now gold for the United States

Kaylee Humphries, who left Canada for abuse, is now gold for the United States

Kaylee Humphries has won gold at the Olympics in a new field of monopoly. He left the Canadian team accusing one of his coaches of bullying and intimidation.

American Kaylee Humphries has won Olympic gold in monopoly, which is exclusively for women in the Olympic program for the first time. After four runs and three wins, the 36-year-old Humphries crossed the time of 4: 19.27 and was 1.54 seconds faster than his teammate Elana Myers Taylor. The bronze medal went to Christine de Bruyne of Canada. Humphreys’ stage finish is unique, as no woman has ever won gold medals for two different countries before.

Humphries won the fourth medal of her career, three of which was gold. This was his first victory for his new home country, the United States. After the 2018 Pyongyang Games, Bobsleader decided to leave the Canadian team after complaining against one of the coaches. He is said to have suffered from mental and verbal abuse. “I can’t go back to a work environment that I don’t think is safe,” he said at the time.

Kylie Humphries, the only athlete to push the slate during a monobop race.

Photo: Isopics

Following the complaint, Humphries chose to represent her husband’s home country, the United States. “From the moment I spoke publicly, I knew my life in Canada was over, whatever the outcome. The only chance I had to pursue my career was to move to another country. He told BBC Sport. The complaint is still under investigation.

Race for citizenship

It is a contest against time to get Humphries US citizenship in a timely manner. You can only participate in sports if you are a citizen of the country you represent. In November, he was finally told he could do a citizenship interview, and by chance she too had to attend to go to Beijing during the World Cup. Between training and competition Humphries jumped on the plane and took home both his citizenship and success.

After the Olympics, the winner was very happy. “It simply came to our notice then. Although every Olympic trip was different, I had to leave my homeland. I had to fight. There are many who want to go the way, and there are many obstacles to get to this point.

Kaillie Humphries will take part in a two-person Popsley on Friday, which will also feature our Belgian Bullets, Ann Vannieuwenhuyse and Sara Aerts.

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