November 29, 2022

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Keeping the distance is over: the royal family shook hands hard

Keeping the distance is over: the royal family shook hands hard

On March 15, most Corona measures were fixed, including the one and a half meter rule. But the government still says 1.5 meters is a “safe distance”. “Give each other space, also when you visit at home and at work”, can be read on the site.

From handshake to boxing

This advice was apparently not given to King Willem-Alexander and his family. He started shaking hands, but it soon turned into a boxing match: “That’s easier.” Queen Maxima, Princesses Amalia, Alexia and Ariane shake hands with the audience.

All this contributed to the celebration, which the king himself expressed as follows: “Being imprisoned for two years and not being able to do what you want, and then having the opportunity at once to do it together freely and in peace. We can do. Celebrate together. , all over the Netherlands. Last night, all King’s nights and all the festivities, all the duty-free markets. (…) It’s amazing we can, and we’re allowed to, we can be grateful for that.”

Lots of fun

It was obvious that they enjoyed it, and all the royal attendants enthusiastically participated in the organized activities. Princess Amalia helped artist duo Lucas & Steve during the DJ set. The DJs played a short set, in which Princess Amalia played special effects. Meanwhile, the royal family, including Amalia’s sisters and her parents, were happily dancing to the music.

And they had to break free, but in the end King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima were jumping with passers-by and dancers. The festive atmosphere was good anyway: shortly before the dance Willem-Alexander and Maxima also tasted Limburg liquor.

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See pictures of the dance here:

protesting the property

By the way, not everyone was happy with the arrival of the king in Maastricht. About 40 supporters of the Republic (formerly the Republican Society) demonstrated along the route that Willem-Alexander and his entourage marched in Maastricht. They chanted slogans such as “The Last Willem” and “Long Live the Republic” and sang “Goodbye King Willem, farewell to the monarchy” to the tunes of Hello Sinterklaas.

Foreman Floris Muller was only partially satisfied with the course of the demonstration. He is believed to have been opposed by the Maastricht municipality and the organization of the King’s Day: “They tried to put us behind. On the way here, I was taken by the police to Friethof, where I and my fellow demonstrators were also searched. Some of the 130 protesters who registered, according to the President of the Republic, were unable to Arrive at the demonstration site in time.

to file a complaint

Müller says he will file a complaint with Maastricht municipality tomorrow. He says, “Because the right to demonstrate takes precedence over the general local list or the text of the party committee.”

The municipality has previously declared that it is insensitive to criticism from anti-monarchy. A spokeswoman said yesterday, “The place offered to them by the municipality is in all respects compliant with legislation and jurisprudence, so that the right to demonstrate can be fully and appropriately exercised.”