December 1, 2023

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KetnetBand welcomes 3 new members including Mega Mindy |  Music

KetnetBand welcomes 3 new members including Mega Mindy | Music

MusicKetnetBand gets fresh meat in the sink. It was announced Monday morning on Ketnet’s ‘Kingsize Live’ that three new members will be joining the band. For most fans of the youth group, the new members will not be strangers. Martin Cobb, who also plays on “Family”, Jasper Heymann and Lotte Stevens, the new Mega Mindy, will join Gloria Monseries, Maureen Vanherbergen and Giovanni Kemper.

The three new members in turn replace Elindo Avastia, Michiel De Meyer and Sien Wynants. Wynants previously announced that it will also stop working at Ketnetwrapster. During the more than twenty years of its existence, KetnetBand has seen the passing of many well-known members: Mark Tiegsmans, Kobe Vannewegen, Erika van Telen and Veronique Lessen, among others, who were once part of the band.

With around 100 shows a year, the new members already have a busy schedule ahead of them, but that doesn’t deter them: “As a little boy I’ve dreamed of being on stage for years! I’m so glad I can now make that dream come true,” Martin Cope said. The new Mega Mindy also looks at it: “When I was a kid, I used to go around with all the Ketnet intros. Now I can shamelessly do it as a KetnetBand member.”

Gloria, Giovanni, Lotte, Jasper, Martin and Maureen are substituted: during the show three of them are on stage. Fans of the band can see the new line-up in action for the first time starting in April. The band will be touring in 2022 with a new show.

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