February 6, 2023

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Kevin Janssens Shows the Other Side in 'Het Huis': 'The Fear of Being Alone Exists' |  TV

Kevin Janssens Shows the Other Side in ‘Het Huis’: ‘The Fear of Being Alone Exists’ | TV

TVHe rarely gives interviews, but to “Het Huis” Kevin Janssens (42) let him look exceptionally soulful. On Tuesday night, he told Eric Goins about his wild years, his private life, his vision for the future, and his difficult relationship with his biological father.

Janssens had a very intense love life and had love affairs with ex BVs like Natalia and K3’tje Josje Huisman. “I notice that I’m more stable now,” the actor testifies. “If I had to choose between an Oscar or a stable family life, I would choose the latter. I’m working on it. All my friends are much younger than me, but they have this stability at home. I think that’s cool and clean, but sometimes I think: ‘Come on Kevin’ It’s time for you, too. “I’m afraid to be alone.”

Janssen also talks about the dangerous cause of an inguinal hernia. Kevin says, “When I was a kid I had to have this for the first time. And apparently I also danced with an inguinal hernia in the final of ‘Sterren Op De Dansvloer.'” I had gastric bypass surgery. Such a hard time though because my dad did the same Once my mother stamped when she was pregnant with me,” it sounds sentimental.

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The difficult relationship between Kevin and his father is discussed several times in the episode. Janssens’ parents leave each other when he is three years old. Kevin’s mother soon finds love with the actor’s current stepfather. When he proposes to adopt him, he does not hesitate for a second to change his surname. Although the name change led to a very painful reunion in court: “My biological father and his mother were there. He didn’t look at me. But my grandmother approached me to ask me what the hell I was doing.”

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