December 8, 2022

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'Kick out thousands more without warning': Twitter slanders content managers and other hired employees |  Abroad

‘Kick out thousands more without warning’: Twitter slanders content managers and other hired employees | Abroad

Casey Newton, author of the technology website Platformer, says about 4,400 people out of 5,500 have been employed. Layoffs occurred not only in the United States, but also abroad.

A lot of these people were working to moderate the content, looking at the reported content and deciding whether to keep it online or remove it from the platform. American media wrote that no one was warned of a round of layoffs. The unlucky found out when they suddenly lost access to their email or Slack work app.

If the number is correct, the number of layoffs among hired workers is higher than the number of layoffs in Twitter itself. About 3,700 people disappeared from the company during that round of layoffs a week and a half ago.

Twitter did not respond to questions about the layoffs and did not provide any explanation. New CEO Elon Musk defended the move only briefly by pointing to a $4 million daily loss from closing ads. Since Musk took over, many big companies have shut down their Twitter ads, waiting for the medium to develop under the billionaire’s leadership.

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