March 25, 2023

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Kim Huybrechts and Dimitri Van den Bergh go all out for Darts World Cup overall win: 'We got some hits almost at home' |  darts world cup

Kim Huybrechts and Dimitri Van den Bergh go all out for Darts World Cup overall win: ‘We got some hits almost at home’ | darts world cup

dartsKim Huybrechts and Dimitri Van den Bergh will start the night off with great confidence darts world cup† That’s right, if you take a look at their latest performance. “The Grail? I believe in it.”


Van den Berg won last weekend Nordic Darts Masters† Huybrechts reached the semi-finals of the 17th tournament on Wednesday Players Championship by defeating Jeroen Price, among others. Our best Belgian players are in great shape in time for the Darts World Cup – the World Cup for National Teams.

“We can say we’re ready. I’m looking forward to it,” Huybrechts told Rudi Lanssens, our man on the spot in Frankfurt. Van den Bergh: “I’m in good shape at the right time, with that star here by my side.”


We have known each other for a long time. Training together is no longer necessary.

Kim Huybrechts

The trust is there. “In the duo throw (where Huybrechts and Van den Bergh take turns throwing one game, editor) we haven’t lost. We want to continue that trend. We only have one goal: to raise the cup. For ourselves, but also for our country. This is a matter of honour. We know we can Overcome anyone. We can highly estimate our chances,” says Dancing Dimi. (laughs) “We almost got some prisoner under our ass. That we should finally bring this cup to Belgium.”

Kim Hebrechts and Dimitri van den Berg © VTM News

Then Japan must pass in the opening round. Tomoyo Goto and Toru Suzuki are unknown names. Huybrechts: “They have little experience in theatre. It could be to our advantage. But we should certainly not underestimate it. They come from the other side of the world to shoot arrows and they will be motivated.”

Where is the key with Belgium? “Teamwork,” is the sound of both. Kim: “We’ve known each other for a long time, and it’s not even necessary for us to train together anymore.” “We know what to expect from each other,” Dimitri adds. Then it doesn’t matter who we meet. We are close to the final victory. I believe in him.”

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