January 28, 2023

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Kim Kardashian hates Kanye West’s new wife | Famous People

Famous PeopleKanye ‘Ye’ West (45) never disappoints when it comes to shocking action. The rapper unexpectedly got married again with one of his employees, stylist Bianca Sensori. The one who did not raise her eyebrows at all was his ex-wife Kim Kardashian (42). According to insiders, she hates the new “Mrs. West”. “I suspected his designer wanted to do more than deal with his erection.”

a look. Who is Kanye West’s new wife, Bianca Sensori?

Although this aversion would have no apparent reason, gossip claims that Kanye and Bianca have had feelings for quite some time. “Kim hates it,” Page Six writes. This was the case when Kardashian was still married to West. “It was common knowledge that the president’s wife, Bianca, didn’t have to. She suspected his designer wanted to do more than deal with his erection,” said an employee. On top of that, she’s pretty, and Kim hates pretty girls. His early wedding comes just two months after his divorce with Kim finalized.

Kanye’s new love has been working at Yeezy, his company, for years. She has a master’s degree in architecture, is passionate about architecture and has actually taken an interest in several buildings.

On Friday, ‘TMZ’ reported that Kanye and Bianca secretly married in a private ceremony. There will be no formal deed, but shiny wedding rings. The Daily Mail claims that the couple spent their honeymoon last week at Amangiri Resort, a five-star luxury hotel in Utah, US.

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