December 1, 2023

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Kim Milliman just dropped out of the top ten after day one: 'Mixed feelings' |  Winter Games

Kim Milliman just dropped out of the top ten after day one: ‘Mixed feelings’ | Winter Games

Kim Meylemans still has to do some work after her first day of competition if she wants to earn an Olympic diploma. After stages 1 and 2, the Belgian took 11th place in the standings. She is 93rd one hundredth behind Australian leader Jacqueline Narracott. “I actually thought my second run was fine, so I don’t quite get it.”

Kim Meylemans finally started her competition in Beijing after a few eventful days. She seems to have absorbed all the drama so well because on her first tour she immediately got off to a good start.

I slipped in the green numbers for a while, but after some missteps in the second part I finally slipped in at 1’02” 35.

And with that, she did 32 percent less than Canadian Mirella Raneva. Meylemans had a good time for a joint sixth place.

Australian Jacqueline Narracott and China’s Dan Zhao stopped their skis at 2 and 3.

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But her second tour was less successful for Millman. It started again quickly, but soon red numbers appeared behind its name.

She wasted time with some heavy hits on the side of the track and just shook her head after running. It was clear that she did not improve, quite the contrary.

Millman slipped from 6th to 11th in the standings. She now has a time of 2’05” 27 behind her. Her goal is a top 8 and she is now 40 percent off that.

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Meylemans: “I thought the second round was good, I don’t really understand”

“I’m not quite sure what happened. I had a feeling my second round was better than the first,” Meylemans said after her first day of competition. “I’ll have to look at the footage.”

“I really thought this was a really good run, so I was really surprised that I lost so much ground.”

Today was a good start. “I tried to put a hamstring injury on my side. After the first round I really felt it, now more than that. But we still have 30 hours to fix it and give it my all.”

What is the general feeling? “I have some mixed feelings. I did everything I could. I don’t quite understand so we have to evaluate this. Tomorrow I’ll be full again twice.”

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