October 1, 2022

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King Willem-Alexander teaches you how to know a princess...

King Willem-Alexander teaches you how to know a princess…


Despite having coronavirus, Princess Beatrix is ​​”absolutely the best”. This was announced by her son, King Willem-Alexander. On Saturday, it was announced that the princess had been infected with the Corona virus and that she was in home isolation.

Source: telegraph

“Fortunately, there is absolutely nothing wrong with her. When asked how Beatrix was doing, she had a little bit of a cold, and I thought this was the air conditioning in the tropics, and the test result was positive,” King said when asked how Beatrix was doing.

On Monday, November 29, 83-year-old Princess Beatrix returned from a four-day working visit to Curaçao. There, she announced that she had received two vaccines against Corona and a booster vaccine. “She’s in good shape other than that spiritssaid the king.

“Absolutely amazing”

The King thanks everyone in the Netherlands for the sympathy he has received. “So I think I’d also like to thank everyone on her behalf for the sympathy and good wishes, but she’s doing an amazing job.”

During the working visit, Princess Beatrix paid special attention to the consequences of the Corona pandemic and nature conservation on the island. At the start of that visit, a face mask was worn and a distance of 2 metres was kept, as is mandatory in some places on the island, but these procedures were not always followed later in the visit.

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