February 5, 2023

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Kitty wanted to stay in 'Big Brother' despite my father's death, but was voted on at home: 'I was an idiot' |  Television

Kitty wanted to stay in ‘Big Brother’ despite my father’s death, but was voted on at home: ‘I was an idiot’ | Television

TelevisionKitty, a resident of Big Brother, received the news of her father’s death on Friday. That moment appeared on Saturday Night’s episode. Kitty chose not to leave the house because she had already made arrangements with her family and children about the situation in advance. In the end, the choice was taken out of her hands: she was voted by the spectator in her home.

“If I go home now, everyone’s life will go on after the funeral and I will be home alone. I have discussed it all,” she said when she heard the news of the death. She also confirmed that it is good for her to move forward with ‘Big Brother’ now. “I haven’t had a very nice life. This is something to myself for the first time. I had my doubts, because my dad wasn’t feeling well.”

“My mother told me, ‘I want you to do this, to persevere,’” Kitty said. “The situation is difficult because of Corona, but I hope to be able to attend the funeral live after that. My oldest son will read a script I wrote.”

Kitty did not want to leave “Big Brother”, but in the end she was voted home in a duel with Peter. This is after she had the opportunity to buy an exemption of 100 euros, but at that moment she chose food for the group. “I was so stupid. So stupid,” she replied, with tears in her eyes. “I am really broken. I have sacrificed my whole life and served others. Every time I get the bill. How angry I am at myself.”

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