December 9, 2022

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KLM allows 42 aircraft to fly without passengers

KLM allows 42 aircraft to fly without passengers

The airport, which has been handling peak crowds for both departing and incoming travelers, previously warned of the very busy 50s. On Sundays around 4.15am there is again a steady flow of passengers towards departure halls 1 and 2. Despite the long queues, things go fairly smoothly at the check-in counters, after which travelers arrive in a long line of people towards customs .

Despite this, KLM says it expects the special measure will not be used again on Sunday. On Saturday evening, 12 flights, including from Ibiza, Athens, Paris and Malaga, could still continue with passengers. But other European flights were made with an empty plane.

KLM’s decision stems from ongoing pressure at Schiphol, which is struggling with staff shortages in security and baggage handling. By not including the transported passengers in particular, these passengers are not stranded in Schiphol. According to a spokesperson for the airline, the measure, which went into effect around 5 p.m., is in effect. “It helps, it calms down in the transfer offices.”

The city’s so-called hoppers will return to Amsterdam empty for the rest of the day, and passengers will not be allowed to board them anymore. The cancellation of about fifty flights per day over the weekend in Whitsun, which KLM decided earlier, did not appear to be enough to rein in the crowds. KLM attributes this to unforeseen circumstances. “Due to unfavorable weather conditions and runway maintenance at Schiphol, many aircraft were unable to land or depart in Amsterdam,” the company said in a press release.

Stranded passengers

By stopping to carry new passengers to Schiphol, KLM hopes to bring as many stranded passengers from Amsterdam to their destination as possible and not have to cancel more flights on Sunday.

KLM says it will offer an alternative flight to passengers affected by this measure as soon as possible. The question is if they can leave tomorrow. “We will look further on Sunday,” a spokeswoman said.

Schiphol agrees that delays and flights have been canceled due to unfavorable wind direction and limited runway capacity. This has an indirect effect and leads to disruptions, a spokeswoman for the airport said. To reduce crowding at stations, since Friday, only passengers who depart within four hours are allowed.

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