December 7, 2023

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Kobe Ilsen and Viktor Verhulst as DJ in Studio 100 'Rewind Party': 'It's going to be a big party' |  Music

Kobe Ilsen and Viktor Verhulst as DJ in Studio 100 ‘Rewind Party’: ‘It’s going to be a big party’ | Music

MusicMarking Studio 100’s 25th anniversary, fans right from the start can enjoy a unique performance by Spring at Antwerp Sportpaleis during Studio 100 ‘Rewind Party’ on December 3, 4 and 5. DJ sets during that party will be provided by “Ilsen & Verhulst” and “Omdat Het Kan Soundsystem”.

“Ilsen & Verhulst” (aka Viktor Verhulst and Kobe Ilsen) made their official debut in Tomorrowland, but this fall they’re happy to rock Sportpaleis with plenty of nostalgia (Studio 100). Because Het Kan Soundsystem has already made successful orchestrated remixes of well-known songs by Spring and Samson & Gert.

“If there’s one fan from the first hour at Studio 100, it’s me. I literally grew up with her. Anyway, we always make it a big party with ‘Ilsen & Verhulst’. I’d say: Sportpaleis, wet your chest!” Victor said.

Unique spring vinyl

A one-of-a-kind vinyl for their 2003 spring debut album, “Spring,” will also be released on September 24. In addition to this spring album, K3 vinyl, Kabouter Plop, and 25 Years of Studio 100 have already been released. over here.

However, fans who don’t want to miss the party of the year should hurry because Studio 100 ‘Rewind Party’ on December 4 and 5 is already sold out. There are still a limited number of tickets available for December 3rd via this link.

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