December 1, 2022

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Kortrijk hands Antwerp first defeat, with compliments to Lamkel Zee |  Jupiler Pro League

Kortrijk hands Antwerp first defeat, with compliments to Lamkel Zee | Jupiler Pro League

Jupiler Pro LeagueUnbeatable Antwerp. KV Kortrijk has earned points from Great Old for the first time this season. 2-1 Championship … Didier Lamkel Zee. Or what do you think?

Earlier there were voices that the supporters of Antwerp were not really awake from Didier Lamkele Zee.

They sat next to him. From minute 0 to 90 they targeted their former player. Choruses speak, boos and beer mugs from the stands. “Lamkel Ze, fils de pute.” Even referee Van Drich had to stop the match for a while. inappropriate.

Have the fans brought it back to their faces, after just over 20 minutes of football. Lamkell Zee overtook Pacho too easily and suddenly burst into Botty’s. A cross by Avenatti and the score was 1-0. Much more than the Uruguayan, it looked like the Cameroonian who scored himself. Abdominoplasty of the branch, which made him take a beer bath. Then he picked up a glass to include in his famous celebration.

The game was in the cart, of course. However, until that point Antwerp was the better team. Elek really had to distinguish himself in Miyoshi’s – a nice mop ball – and Alderworld’s attempts, and Jansen also failed to score.

After the goal, it was only about one man. “LZ7”. Not necessarily for sporting reasons. The little hand behind his ear when they targeted his mother again turned him yellow. When he was kicked into the Antwerp region, Antwerp just missed an equalizer with Miucci.

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Things got a little worse for Antwerp before the break. Fortunately, Slimani dribbled past Botiz to make it 2-0. And Lamkell Zee? The captain quickly put him back in half (fierce celebration). House fans were happy to see that happen, even as he went to play with Pacho in the back. Welcome.

Troubled Antwerp had to pull the sheets again after the break. They already had the ball, but they didn’t do enough with it. A few long shots away, that’s it. On the other hand, Slimani was closer, and Lamkel Zee has another big chance with a 3-0 score. He couldn’t put his shoes on the skin for an empty target. In overtime, Janssen eased to 2-1, but that was it.

In the midst of all the fuss, one can almost forget that Antwerp is dropping points for the first time this season. The first stalker Racing Genk (as well as Club Brugge) is getting close to the position. KVK, who has only been able to score two goals this season, got a little more breathing space at the bottom. And Lamkell Zee? He got a round of applause.

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