November 30, 2022

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Freestyleskiester Gu in China gezicht Spelen, in VS 'verrader'

Ku, a freestyle skier in China, faces games in the American ‘traitor’

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Guinea’s Congratulations on Twitter Canadian skier Casey Sharp, who won a silver medal in the semifinals behind Gu on Friday, called the youngsters “a machine.” “She’s already doing weird tricks that no one else does. I feel like she still has a lot of room to grow and develop the game.”

In China, Gu has become the face of these games. The state media praises him. The Chinese version of Twitter, Weibo, has been the most talked about topic since he won his first gold medal a week ago. It’s about everything from her sleeping table to her favorite snack.

Su Yiming

Xu Yiming, an 18-year-old Chinese skier and Olympic champion, says he is proud of Kuwait. “We worked so hard for this. We dreamed of this moment. Now we’re both done it. I’m so happy for ourselves.”

Meanwhile, there are Americans who call Qin China’s choice “thankless” and “shameful.” She is also called a traitor. Photoshopped pictures of Ku skiing in the mountains of Dollar have been circulating on social media with slogans such as “I chose China for money”. Gu talks about “racist America” ​​on Twitter.

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