November 29, 2022

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Kudus hat-trick kills ADO The Hague

Kudus hat-trick kills ADO The Hague

Young Ajax started with a single beginner in the ranks. 17-year-old Tristan Gooijer started as right back, sending Liam van Gelderen into the center of defence. The defensive midfield was formed by Kian Fitz-Jim and Unüvar, who donned the captain’s armband for the first time.

It took both teams fifteen minutes to warm up, but after that it was fun. After Jung destroyed Ajax’s first chance by Mohamed Darami, it was Kodos who scored 1-0 on the advice of Yuri Bass. ADO was dangerous on the counterattack and in the first sharp counterattack, former Ajax player Ricardo Quesna equalized.

Nice midfield
Jung did not bother Ajax too much, because the midfield was getting better and better. The three midfielders were often brilliant and then played space. Fitz-Jim can be found all over the field, their hands often get dirty and thus put more pressure on the ADO defense.

After Van Gelderen made a perfect save against Thomas Verheidt, Jung Ajax shook the goal. After a nice assist from Sontje Hansen, and a better forehand pass from Daramy, Danilo hit 2-1 hard. Shortly thereafter, Danilo fell to guard Damen. Kudos raised the lead 3-1 through a penalty kick.

rain goals
Young Ajax, with Christian Rasmussen in place of Hansen, started the second half actively. Danilo released Onufar, who made the score 4-1 with a dry kick. It looked like a game played, but two goals from ADO Den Haag in a minute and a half put the tension back on. It remains a recurring problem for Young Ajax, which should have a wide margin so that you can determine the match early on.

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ADO looked stronger physically, but had to bend when the pure football quality of Jong Ajax surfaced once again. He released Onufar Kodos, who completed a hat-trick with a powerful blow. Young Ajax was now in their favour, even allowed to lead 6-3 from a penalty kick (Panenka Onuvar).

Young Ajax – ADO The Hague 6-3 (3-1)
18. Cods 1-0
23. Kishna 1-1
35. Danilo 2-1
41 – Codds 3-1 (Kick.)
54. Nuvar 4-1
58. Verheydt 4-2
59. Stein 4-3
64 – Kudos 5-3
83 – Anufar 6-3 (Kick.)

Young Ajax squad: Setford, Gooijer, (86. Van der Sloot) Van Gelderen, Musampa, Baas, Fitz-Jim, Ünüvar (84. Hlynsson), Kudus, Hansen (46. Rasmussen), Danilo, Daramy.