November 27, 2022

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KZK: Finally the perfect dream home for Casper and Vera

KZK: Finally the perfect dream home for Casper and Vera

Casper and Vera lived on the water in the center of Leiden. Nice place, but they were ready for the next step. Their rented house became very small and the couple was ready to buy a house. However, they had doubts about every home they visited themselves. So it was a perfect job for real estate agent Alex, construction expert Bob, and designer Ross.


They started this adventure with some wishes. For example, they wanted a single-family home or an apartment with at least three bedrooms. But also a garden or terrace (on the roof) with a shed or storage room for bikes. Preferably all this in Leiden and close to the water. Absolute do not go? low ceiling.

roller coaster

Sometimes it seems like the team can do magic and easily check the entire checklist, but that search turned out to be an impossible task. So Casper and Vera had to sit around the table several times to expand the search area and improve their desires.

always working

Eight months later, it’s finally time, real estate agent Alex has found the perfect home in Hillegom, also near the water. When he and Bob take a look, they are very satisfied with the ground floor. The house has a spacious living room that can really be turned into something fun.

Only upstairs is a bit of a squeeze. Its cantilever height is less than two meters and it cannot raise the roof due to the view of the street. This is the challenge for this tall pair.

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On the other hand, the bathroom is quite large and the bedroom is wonderfully spacious. So there is still some leeway for Bob and his team. This will be home, but there is work to be done!

complete transformation

When the main renovation ends, Roos can start new furniture And a lot of colours. For the living room, she bought a delicious piece, Comfortable corner sofa† This sofa has a high backrest and is available in many colors. Of course Roos went for a nice tan and chose royal blue as a recurring theme in the house. Shade that can be found throughout the house.

She chose soft beige and pink tones on the wall to create an inviting, relaxed and relaxed look.

blue kitchen

The ground floor sure isn’t small, but it wasn’t really practical. That’s why Bob removed the window and chose two large French doors with a wooden frame. This way they can immediately enter the garden and the maximum amount of light comes.

The cooking island has also been flipped a quarter turn. This emphasizes the length of the living room and accentuates the sight lines to the outside.

In the kitchen there are three high cabinets in blue. But a green linen china cabinet from Casper and Vera was also given a place in this new home. The dining area is conveniently located, making it a separate corner in the room.

dazzle factor

The bathroom was originally quite large, probably quite large. Bob wanted to have some extra space here. By dividing this room, the toilet can be placed in a separate room and the bathroom is arranged more logically.

Roos has also made blue from below appear in the tiles here. Despite the fact that the bathroom has become a lot smaller, Casper and Vera still have enough space to stand in it together. It is now a really nice place to relax.

master bedroom

As the bathroom was reduced in size, the bedroom became wider. So Bob shortened it to also achieve a desk. You don’t really notice it!

Roos managed to leave the space. Which atmosphere did you choose? Chic boutique! came there big box spring In a luxurious burgundy velvet version, the space is decorated in beautiful, warm colors with blue accents. There is also enough space for a wardrobe.

Work from home

By shortening the enormous bedroom a bit, Bob manages to achieve a very nice desk. A space that can no longer be missed in the 2022 home.

music room

However, the low-ceilinged room was raised a few centimeters by replacing the drywall. The room also looks visually larger, because the ceiling is raised next to the dormer window. That space can be grabbed from the attic.

Roos has also put a blue sofa and bookcase here. Here Casper and Vera can play the guitar and relax.