December 9, 2022

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KZK: Rob and Lotte find their 'fur with flowers' home

KZK: Rob and Lotte find their ‘fur with flowers’ home

Lotte and Rob have been together for a while, but they live apart from each other. About a year before shooting, they decided they wanted to move in together. At least forty views and about fifteen to twenty bids later, it just didn’t work out. So they decide that Rob has moved in with Lotte and her two roommates. Very comfortable, but they still wanted their own place. Real estate agent Alex, construction expert Bob and interior designer Ross will start work. Rob and Lotte have every confidence in that!

Wish List

Lotte loves colour, comfort and coziness. She shows this very well in her mood board. Rob also loves the pattern, but prefers to stick with “one wallpaper in the hallway.” Bob is delighted with Rob and Lotte’s mood boards: “I think it’s incredibly nice to have a mood board that isn’t full of steel doors and scalloped floors.”

Rob and Lotte’s wishes are: a handy shed, a bathroom, and a fireplace. But the big requirements are: a living space of at least 100 square meters, a garden and preferably three bedrooms. They want to achieve this with a budget of 390 thousand euros.

franchise hour

To make housing market pressure more visible to the couple, the team created a new tool: the franchise clock. In the first period, this is at 56 days and the countdown is done. Once the counter reaches zero, Alex is at the door to the franchise meeting. Rob and Lotte take this watch home with them.

As promised – when the counter reaches zero – Alex is at the door. Rob and Lott have already prepared well for the franchise meeting, but unexpectedly Alex comes with good news. They bought a house in Rossum!

Bob the builder

After buying the house, Bob has around 23,000 euros left to renovate. But soon he receives good news from Robb and Lotte. They go a step above the budget. This scoop has a volume of 10,000 euros. In total, Bob now has a budget of 33,000 euros for the renovation. He knows how to spend that amount wisely.

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Bob will realize a wood-burning stove in the house for Rob and Lotte’s bath. It also has a kitchen and bathroom to match the couple’s style.

rose magic

If anyone is happy with Rob and Lotte’s mood, it’s Roos. Both mood boards are right up her alley and she’s excited to start with them. Which topic did you come up with? Fur with flowers.

There was nothing wrong with the kitchen in the house. The only thing was that it wasn’t Rob and Lotte’s style. That’s why the team sold the kitchen. A sustainable choice that saves extra budget. Roos chose green for the new kitchen. To preserve the unit, the bathroom will also have a green vanity unit with brass accents.

Immediately room visualizer Roos are looking for a nice floor upstairs. With this tool, you can take a picture of the room and you can experiment with all types of floors and colors. This will give you a good idea of ​​what it will look like in your home.

the hall

When you walk through the front door, you immediately see an elegant staircase with leather-like upholstery. The toilet in the hall was also renovated. With a nice warm gray tone and lotte pictures on the wall, this is a very homely and cozy small room.

Colorful dining and living room

From the hall you walk through a Olive green steel door with milk glass in the living room. Throughout the dining and living room space, Roos hung pretty colorful floral wallpaper with accents of pink, blue, and green along one wall.

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In the corner of the living room there is a Soft pink corner sofa With a clear rug underneath. This element also matches well with the colorful floral wallpaper. And to satisfy Rob’s housing desires, there’s a real wood-burning stove in the middle of the living room.

On the wall in the dining room hangs a painting drawn by her daughter Ross. The other walls – as in the kitchen – are light pink. The dining room has a black round table surrounded by yellow chairs and round chairs with a cute print. It’s exactly the combination of chairs that makes it a colorful and comfortable seating area.


Compared with the old kitchen, the new kitchen looks more spacious. The green kitchen is in the style of a modern country house. Frames in cabinet doors complement them. The table top is a beautiful black and gray composite top and the wall has been given a light pink colour. The green color of the tanks is reflected in the hood cover.

Water Cycle

As promised, the bathroom has a beautiful green vanity unit with light marble washbasins and brass faucets. On the floor are playful sand-colored hexagonal tiles with similar square tiles on the walls. The brass of the faucets goes back into the bathroom, making it a complete one.

Sitting on one of the walls of the master bedroom olive green sliding doors It leads to a beautiful large dressing room with bathroom and private and antique mirrors.


Finally, the team also left its mark on the desk at home. Pink is the color here too. It has a dark wood desk with a gorgeous antique table lamp. Contrasting the walls with the dark piece of furniture works well here.

“I really don’t know what to say”

Rob and Lott go to see their new home. Enthusiasm grows with every room. They open their eyes. Neither of them expected the team to turn it into such a beautiful home.

Rob absolutely loves the wood stove in the living room. After all, it was also his greatest desire to have one. “He’s really, really fat!” he says. The painting Ross’ Daughter is also very popular with the spouses.

Lotte described the pigeon in several positive words, but what she started with was: “Wonderful! It’s great fun and interesting!” Lotte says.

When they open the sliding doors in the bedroom, Lotte figuratively jumps for joy. Because there is: the bathroom she was hoping for.

The couple comes downstairs to discuss everything with the team. Smiles do not hide from the faces of the spouses. “I really don’t know what to say,” Lott says. They are very happy with their beautiful new home. Rob: “No sign for sale here!”


Sonia Velda