February 6, 2023

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La K3 and Spring at Sportpaleis, Studio 100 'Rewi...

La K3 and Spring at Sportpaleis, Studio 100 ‘Rewi…

Right: The hall was ready, but the “Rewind party” at Studio 100 was postponed.

The ‘Rewind party’ at Studio 100, which was scheduled to start tonight at Antwerp Sportpaleis, has been postponed. The planned Sinterklaas shows will also be postponed. This was reported by the organization itself.

Desmytere Road

Gert Verholst, Hans Borlon and Anja van Mensel, directors of Studio 100, sent a joint statement after the advisory committee’s press conference. “We were expecting a total of 100,000 visitors for us rewind-appears in Great Sinterklaas Deals At Sportpaleis this weekend, but shows have been cancelled. The measures won’t go into effect until Saturday, but governors can also step in before tonight. This makes the situation so uncertain that we have to cancel tonight as well.”

“We have been looking forward to it for months. Everything is rehearsed, the stage is set up, the lights are on, the costumes are ready. Another hammer for our company and all the employees who put their hearts and souls into the setup.”

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“This is also unfortunate for many families with children, who have been looking forward to a trip with Sinterklaas, but Sinterklaas is not letting anyone down and we are working with Proximus on an alternative. (A different version of the show will be broadcast on Sunday from 10:30 a.m. on Proximus Pickx Live and Pickx+ channels. that they You will all be contacted over the next few weeks. Also for guys who are going to have a party together, it’s bad. We promise them: the party is coming, but it won’t be this weekend.”

“In the Studio 100 Pop Up Theater If the situation is different, then the weekend performance will continue there. Anyone have a ticket to Musical DaensStarting Monday, we will be contacted and moved to a later date.”

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