November 30, 2022

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Large protest in Saint Petersburg: Russians speak out against the war

Large protest in Saint Petersburg: Russians speak out against the war

In Saint Petersburg, people took to the streets in great numbers to protest the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In Moscow, a huge police force is preparing to suppress the opposition. Meanwhile, journalists, academics, athletes and musicians are speaking out against the war on Instagram.

According to the Kremlin, four out of five Russians supported the recognition of “people’s republics” in Ukraine. She said Thursday that popular support for the military invasion is no less. However, the police rushed en masse to Pushkin Square in the capital, Moscow, after activists called for a protest at the people’s meeting place in the city center. The prefix Marina Litvinovich was caught as soon as she left the door.

Dozens of “lonely protesters” have already been arrested across the country. Demonstrations are allowed in Russia only in exceptional circumstances. This led to the habit of going to protest alone. Anyone standing alone with a protest sign is allowed to do so. In recent years, the Kremlin has become increasingly strict against this form of opposition. The Russian OVD office, which monitors police interventions, reported that hundreds of banner holders have already been arrested on Thursday, scattered across the country. guardian– Journalist Andrew Roth saw a young Russian man who had been arrested in Pushkin Square as soon as he held up a sign that read “Damn the war” in Russian.

Ukrainian President Zelensky called on the Russians to protest against the war. According to the Russian news website, hundreds of people gathered in Yekaterinburg. Pictures of a large protest in Saint Petersburg are also circulating on social media, but the authenticity of this has not yet been confirmed. Moscow issued a warning against gatherings and the response will be “negative.”

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Open speech is widely heard

It is now clear that something is flowing beneath the surface. 189 regional politicians signed a open letter Condemns Russia’s attack. “This is an unprecedented and unjustified atrocity,” they wrote. “We are convinced that Russian citizens did not give Putin this mandate,” he added. They are also asking the Russians to express their views.

Journalist Elena Chernenko started petition Against the war signed by more than 100 colleagues. Among the signatories are also journalists from Russian state media tast Russia Today† Editor in Chief of Critical Kremlin Novaya Gazeta Dmitry Muratov – this year awarded a prize Nobel Peace Prize – I announce that the next edition of the newspaper will be printed in the Russian and Ukrainian languages ​​in solidarity. “Only the Russian anti-war movement can save life on this planet,” he said. Our commander in chief fiddles with the ‘nuclear button’ in his hands like a keyring in an expensive car.

Academically speaking, a open letter It was signed by more than 150 Russian scientists and journalists. They speak of an “unjust and meaningless” war. They regret that Russia will be left alone. In their opinion, this will only lead to the demise of technology and culture.

Folk singer, pop singer and football player

Meanwhile, a number of Russian celebrities and athletes responded to the invitation via their Instagram channels. This is great, because Putin likes to use celebrities to emphasize his honor and glory. Russian footballer Fyodor Smolov, who plays for club Dynamo Moscow, addressed his followers, saying: “No to war.” Singer Valery Meladze, who is very popular with a slightly larger audience, demanded an end to the war in an emotional video on Instagram. With a younger audience, the singer Monetochka is considered an influential voice. She also spoke in tears against the war via an Instagram story. Alternative electronics musician Kedr Levansky will visit the Brussels Botanic Museum in May and write about her story: “I can hardly believe what is happening now. So awful. People, take heart!

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Ksenia Sobchak has almost 2 million followers on Instagram. The journalist was once a presidential candidate and wrote on Instagram that the Russians would have to bear the consequences of today’s actions for “many more years”. She says she only believes in the worst from now on. I’ve always been an optimist. This is everyone who still lives in Russia, because the pessimists left long ago.