October 3, 2022

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Laura Tesoro has voice problems: “At the moment I am not allowed to speak or sing” |  BV

Laura Tesoro has voice problems: “At the moment I am not allowed to speak or sing” | BV

BVLaura Tesoro (25 years old) suffers from voice problems. The singer announced herself on Instagram. “I’m not allowed to speak, sorry,” it says in the book, among other things. It is not yet known if Laura will be able to be interested in presenting ‘Tien Om Te Zien’ next week.

“The doctor gave me this note. Reality check … ”, the singer writes on Instagram. “I’ve been straining my vocal cords for the past few days. There’s nothing to it but to take a break and give my voice the rest it needs.” Laura also tells her fans that there is nothing to worry about. “I’m fine. Right now, I am focusing on my voice, so I am not allowed to speak or sing at the moment.”

Lots of support

Fortunately, Laura can count on a lot of support from her (well-known) followers. “Hopefully she’ll get better soon,” Julie Vermeer says. Hanne van K3 then wrote: “Recover soon, my dear.” In addition, Jane Thomas, Jess Bardell and Bill Perez also left a message on Laura Tesoro’s Instagram post.

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It is not yet clear when Laura will return to work. Its director, Stijn Peters, says they look at the situation from day to day. “We are following the doctor’s advice as best we can and hope to be able to resume our normal schedule as soon as possible. Whether the singer can be interested in presenting “Tien Om Te Zien” next week, her manager cannot confirm yet.” Everyone we work with on Know and hope Laura can get past it soon. But everyone also understands that nothing should be imposed, so now we live from day to day. Today we don’t know yet what the situation will be tomorrow. So we plan to review the situation on the same day.”

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